• M size is what?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    February 6, 2013
    M size is what?

    Many buyers face the problem of choosing the right size. You can often hear the question, and the size M is what? Clothes and shoes have different markings, depending on the country in which they were made. There are sizes English, Russian, American, Chinese and others.

    To determine the size of clothes you need to know some of the parameters of the figure. To do this, they must be measured, and then determine the marking of what size these parameters correspond to.

    Measurement Parameters

    Parameters that determine the choice of clothing:


    • breast volume;
    • shoulder width;
    • length of the product;
    • the length of the sleeve.

    To choose pants:

    • hip circumference;
    • waist circumference;
    • thigh volume;
    • landing height;
    • leg width down;
    • length of the product.

    For the correct removal of measurements necessarily need an assistant. Measurements removed by centimeter. To measure it is necessary to add 1-2cm to free fit.

    • Breast volume. A centimeter runs horizontally around the body along the prominent points of the mammary glands and closes on the right side of the chest.
    • Shoulder widthIt is necessary to measure the distance between the shoulder seams.
    • The length of the sleeve. The distance from the shoulder seam to the wrist, to its middle is measured.
    • Thigh circumference. It is necessary to measure the circumference of the most prominent points of the buttocks and thighs. Feet while standing together.


    After these measurements, you can determine the appropriate labeling.

    Size M in women's clothing corresponds to:

    • 40-42 size in European countries;
    • 50-52 size in the CIS countries.

    In this case, the parameters should correspond to:

    • chest girth - 100-104cm;
    • width of shoulders - 37-38 cm;
    • sleeve length - 56-58cm;
    • height - 170-176 cm

    Women's pants size M correspond:

    • in Europe 38-40 size
    • in the United States of 29-30 size,
    • in China, 28 size,
    • in the CIS countries 48 size.


    • waist circumference - 67-71 cm;
    • hip girth - 95-99cm;
    • leg length - 104-107cm.

    Size M in men's clothing corresponds to:

    • 48-50 size in European countries;
    • 38-40 size in the United States;
    • 170 or 96-98 size in China;
    • 48 size in the CIS countries.

    In this case, the parameters should correspond to:

    • chest girth should be 96cm;
    • shoulder width - 43-45cm;
    • sleeve length - 60-61cm;
    • height - 170-176 cm

    Men's pants size M correspond:

    • 40-42 size in Europe;
    • 32-33 size in the United States;
    • 44 size in China;
    • 48 size in the CIS countries.


    • waist circumference - 84-87cm;
    • foot length - 105-108cm.

    Now it is clear what M is, what size of clothing corresponds to this marking.

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