• Lucky! 10 countries where people still do not know about gadgets

    Where to go if you are bored with constant calls and thousands of messages.

    We all sometimes want to sit in silence and tranquility, enjoying the beautiful views, so that the phone at this time is not torn from calls and messages in Viber and WhatsApp. But it turns out that there are countries where people do not even suspect such problems. Smartphone for locals - just a wonder, in which there is no special meaning. Because there is no mobile communication in these countries or there is, but only for the elite. About other gadgets do not stutter! In general, you want to remember how twenty years ago we lived without cell phones, go to visit one of the countries listed below.


    In a fabulous place - without mobile
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    In a country with a cartoon name, mobile communication exists only in large cities and along major roads. Only 2% of residents are connected to the Internet. It is quite logical that all sorts of gadgets are not really accustomed here: their owners are only a few people out of a hundred.


    Most of the population lives in rural areas where there is no Internet or telephone connection.
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    Few of the citizens of the country know what a computer or mobile phone is. Less than 5% of them use the Internet: it is very expensive, although the data transfer rate is very low. Yes, and there are only some cities. In the countryside, where three quarters of Ethiopians live, there is no Internet, and there are no mobile towers either. It is clear that the kiosks for the sale of gadgets are not available here, and the majority of state residents did not even see the mobile phones or laptops.

    North Korea

    Local children do not beg parents for smartphones to play
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    Until recently, there was a law in this country prohibiting the use of mobile phones. Could punish, if you just carried the gadget in your pocket! What can I say, until 2013, even the tourists were obliged to take mobile and tablets at the airport. Not surprisingly, the locals were in no hurry to acquire such a "toy." Even today, smartphones in North Korea are not very popular: they are simply not needed, as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules are prohibited, there is no possibility to get on the Internet, and calls are allowed only within the country. Mobile network mainly covers the territory of the capital.Residents of most other cities and villages mobile phones and never seen. By the way, as such, the Internet is also not here: international sites are prohibited, and local (according to various estimates, they are from 1 to 6 thousand) are located on the Kwangmyong intranet.

    Myanmar (Burma)

    In such places, the momentary does not think
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    The authorities of Myanmar are trying to control all the Internet space, so there is strict censorship here, to the point that all emails are read. Access to the world wide web - mainly in a few Internet cafes. Mobile communications are also in selected places. Even in the capital of the state, the signal is far from being caught everywhere. And the standard of living, let's be honest, is quite low here. The result is predictable: the majority of Myanmar people do not even know about the clever gadgets and possibilities of the Internet.

    The congo

    Virunga National Park - one of the main attractions of the Congo
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    In a huge state, high technology is very poorly developed. There is no Internet practically in all territory, a mobile communication too. Tourists are getting out of the situation, going online in Internet cafes in major cities, and the locals just don’t bother themselves with it. Do you need a smartphone if you can’t call it or go to Facebook? Of course not.All do without gadgets.

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