• Lost glory: beauties about whom everyone has forgotten

    The names of these beauties once did not go off the covers of magazines and newspapers, and their appearance was eagerly awaited at the most important gatherings in Hollywood. But time passed, and with it stellar glory.

    The springtime and autumn decay have always been unwitting companions of star beauties. Enchanting creatures, having made the world happy by their short stay, suddenly disappeared from our field of vision. And then they reappeared, already somewhat forgotten and not as bright as before. To be convinced of what has been said, it is enough today to take a quick look at each star, which was once the benchmark of female perfection.

    Nicole Scherzinger

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    2017 year
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    Praskovya, a singing and dancing girl (it was with such a second name that she was named after the Russian grandmother) broke into the world of show business like a hurricane. Graceful Nicole captivated the audience not only with singing talent, but also with a bright attractive appearance.Slim, light and incredibly charming, she drew attention to herself from the very first appearance on stage as part of the female group Pussycat Dolls.

    And in school, Nicole was teased by the insulting nickname of Crybaby. And indeed Nicole was a very sensitive and modest girl. And no one then suspected that in the future, according to Scherzinger herself, this “downtrodden child” would turn into a star of world magnitude, with a strong and energetic character.

    Nicole fully justified the title of one of the most stylish singers on the planet: she was always in great shape. But few knew that almost every day a recognized star leads a hard struggle with bulimia. This disease literally ate the best creative forces of the singer. Perhaps at some point she had an effect on Nicole. And it was noticeable that her stage charm had faded a little over the years. However, we do not lose hope, knowing the nature of the star, that soon everything will change for the better. And Nicole Scherzinger will appear in a new guise, once again conquering us with her charm.

    Holly valance

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    20015 year
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    The combination of a cute appearance, chiseled figure with the talents of the singer and actress could not but lead to success.Holly did not leave the covers of men's magazines and often delighted male fans with outright photo shoots. And the girl’s career went uphill: she released new clips over and over again, and her songs were headed by the charts of the dance charts. As an actress, Holly was less in demand, but she was lucky with a bright role: she played the role of a seductive female warrior in DOA: Dead or Alive. Unfortunately, the desire to conquer both the worlds - and cinema, and music turned into a complete failure. Holly, having thrown music, did not reach the heights in the cinema, having received only a number of episodic roles in serials. Spitting on everything, the girl married in 2012. Now Holly is raising a daughter.

    Mandy moore

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    2017 year
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    About Mandy Moore at one time spoke as the main contender for the throne of the pop princess of America. The girl had a beautiful voice and a pretty appearance. On vocals, she was clearly losing Britney Spears, but, it should be noted, Britney had a powerful PR campaign. Parents and agents spared no expense, knowing that they would all fill up with interest. And not lost. Mandy Moore was unable to become a pop princess and stand next to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.Moore was not particularly worried and completely switched to the movie. And, by the way, more successful than her singing colleagues. One of her films, Hurry to Love, received favorable critics' comments, and the story of a pretty hopelessly ill girl whom the main bully of the school falls in love with fell in love with her fans. So successfully started Moore's career as an actress. But after a series of romantic comedies and melodramas, episodes in TV shows, the star Mandy began to sparkle not as bright as in previous years. The successful voice of the main character of the cartoon "Rapunzel" revived interest in the singer, but not for long. By the way, this year the film “Blue Abyss” is coming out on screens, where Mandy plays the role of one of the sisters who are trapped in the open sea with a giant white shark swimming next to them.

    Kylie Minogue

    year 2001
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    The title of the sexiest woman in America badly ruined the life of a miniature Australian beauty. Her rivals were beside themselves with rage, and even Kylie received threatening letters. But to prove who exactly was the author, failed. And once in the next envelope even found anthrax spores.Dazzling, almost doll-like (in a good sense of the word) attractiveness did not give the spiteful critics: in the car, Kylie Minogue found a bomb three times. Nevertheless, this did not stop the star, and she performed on the stage so brilliantly that she overshadowed her talent with many recognized pop divas. Kylie was, figuratively speaking, like a rare, outlandish beauty butterfly. It was therefore not surprising that in England every third newborn girl was called by her name.

    In 2004, Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Long-term struggle with a terrible disease for a long time excommunicated the star from the career. But we must pay tribute to the loyal fans of Kylie - none of the purchased tickets to the concerts, which were canceled due to the illness of the singer, was not returned! For three whole years, Kylie recovered after the operation; she underwent a series of chemotherapy courses. And only in 2008 she ventured to return to the big stage. Now the singer leads a quiet measured life.

    Evangeline Lilly

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    Only one thing can be said about her: a happy occasion once and for all determined her fate. And the Canadian girl from the jungle Evie became a famous model and actress. And at first she connected her future life with missionary activity.For this purpose, Lilly lived in the wilds of the Philippines in a grass hut, fed by nature sent and made grandiose plans for the future. But once a young creature on the street of a modern stifling city (you cannot get away from communicating with the civilized world) met a strange man who insistently asked her to stop and listen to him. He was the representative of a modeling agency. Struck by the beauty of Lilly, the man offered the girl to sign a contract and work as a model. Having experienced financial difficulties, Evangeline agreed. Of course, the girl with perfect forms and bright appearance was a success on the podium. And it is well known that the path of the model often leads her to the movies. Soon Evangeline was lucky: she was invited to star in the popular TV series “To Survive”. In the wilderness, her heroine, Kate Austen, looked very sexy and seductive. Perhaps this role was the most stellar in the career of Lilly. After this series, the girl was pursued a brilliant career. Her pictures decorated the covers of many fashion magazines, she became the face of famous brands. But there were no offers in the cinema.Lilly seemed to be back in the model world - to where she started. One of the last bright roles - elf warrior Tauriel in the epic "The Hobbit". But the girl is happy in her personal life: she is married to an assistant director of the series “Lost” and has a son with a daughter.

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