• Lose weight is not safe: the most harmful diets

    Monodiet. The composition of mono-diet includes one or two products that need to be consumed for a fairly long amount of time, an average of 2 weeks. At the same time, sugar and salt are strictly prohibited. There are many common monodiets, such as buckwheat, kefir, rice. Mono-diet is very dangerous, the body is under terrible stress if you eat, for example, one kefir or only buckwheat. Such a mono-diet will be safe if it lasts one day, the so-called unloading. With a longer period of time on such a diet the immunity is sharply reduced, avitaminosis appears, the structure of bones is disturbed. Mono-diets, as a rule, are low-calorie, so your body simply will not have enough energy, and it will begin to put fat in reserve.
    Protein diet. It lies in the fact that people mainly consume only protein foods. Such a diet does not imply a carbohydrate.It would seem that in what could be the danger, because in fact the diet is effective, and brings quick results. However, carbohydrates are the fuel of our life, they help the body to perform its functions. Protein diet has a strong impact on the kidneys. Just two weeks of diet can lead to renal failure. You can earn and blood clots, the bowel is broken.
    Slimming with tea, pills, tablets. Manufacturers assure that this is a completely harmless way to lose weight, all components are natural. In fact, most of the herbs that are part of the popular means of weight loss, act on the vessels of the heart, wash out the beneficial substances from the body. But even worse is that they can cause addiction. Drugs that have a chemical composition disrupt the functioning of the internal organs, the nervous system.
    Express diets. How much we see on the Internet announcements that it is easy to lose 5 kilograms in just three days using an express diet. To do this, almost completely necessary to give up food for 3 days. Sometimes more, sometimes less. For the body, the lack of food is stress, and it includes an emergency mode.In fact, it is a myth, for 3 days the body loses water, muscle mass, and fat remains in place. In addition, as soon as you return to a normal diet after a diet, the pounds dropped will come back again. And during these three days of fasting, the body will age for several months, as it will work at the limit of its capabilities.
    Fat-free diet. The point is to get as little fat as possible from food. On this diet you can eat only low-fat foods. The weight will go away, but the normal work of the hormonal system will go along with it. Without fat, no vitamins can not be properly digested. Such a diet is fraught with loss of menstruation and deterioration in the quality of nails and hair.

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