• Liquid wallpaper: 9 arguments "for" and 2 "against"

    Repair involves a very large selection of materials and solutions on various issues. When it comes to walls, most often the choice falls on the wallpaper. But for some reason, few people remember such a kind of wallpaper as liquid. Perhaps they were advertised a little, but this does not affect their quality, quite the contrary. Such wallpapers have a large list of positive qualities and reviews from users.

    Here are some of them:

    • Very convenient transportation. Since liquid wallpaper originally implies a dry mixture, it is not difficult to imagine that it is sold in a small package, which by weight will not exceed a kilogram and easily fit into a package. One package of the mixture is designed for about 5 m2, and even if you need a few packages, they still do not take up much space, unlike the roll wallpaper.

    • Ease and simplicity in preparation and application. If you first encounter such wallpaper, do not worry, because on the package itself and the liner inside there will be a detailed description of how to properly dilute this mixture.Before applying, make sure that the temperature in the room being repaired is above 10 ° C. Apply the finished mixture with a conventional trowel, or, if available, with a hopper gun. The drying of such a coating lasts a maximum of 72 hours, and a minimum of 12. It depends on the temperature and humidity in the room.

    • Easy care. Cleaning such wallpaper involves brushing it through with a vacuum cleaner. In the case when you apply colorless varnish on top of the wallpaper, then it is not forbidden to pass on them with a damp cloth.
    • Eco composition A mixture of liquid wallpaper are composed of exclusively natural materials, but rather - textile, cotton or cellulose fibers, thanks to which the walls breathe perfectly. Another important factor is their anti-static character, which allows walls to reject dust particles.

    • Ability to show their creative abilities. Liquid wallpaper can be easily applied not only on the walls, but also from them you can make everything you like. It is very convenient when, for example, in your room any pipe that cannot be removed strikes the eye, but it is quite possible to “blind” a beautiful tree from it with the help of w / wallpaper.
    • Easy to replace.If any confusion happens and you need to replace a certain part, then this is not a problem at all - just dampen the damaged piece, remove it with a spatula and apply a new one. In this case, you will be saved by the frozen part of the wallpaper, which remains from the first repair.

    • Indispensable for new buildings. If you purchased an apartment in a new building, then you are surely aware that over time new houses may shrink and the walls will be the first to suffer. Paper wallpaper in such cases, or torn, or behind the walls, and liquid wallpaper on this phenomenon will behave completely differently. Since they are very elastic, they will not lose their original appearance, but simply follow the crack and fill it with themselves.
    • Wide color palette. In a diluted mixture, you can add those elements that will emphasize your interior, it can be golden threads and even dry flowers and leaves. In this regard, you can give your imagination howl and make exclusive wallpapers.
    • Heat and sound insulation. The structure of such wallpaper is microscopic and this contributes to the complete absorption of unnecessary sound and noise, as well as thermal insulation.Also not unimportant property is fire safety.

    Of the minuses:

    • high hygroscopicity, so it is not recommended to apply them to the walls of kitchens, as well as other rooms that are characterized by high humidity.
    • It is likely to damage them during operation. For example, scratch the corner of the furniture when repositioning. Only their ability to absorb moisture, so they are not recommended to use to cover the walls in the bathroom and kitchen.

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