• Leggings: make up a fashionable image

    Horizontal stripes, large cells and light shades will fill and shorten the legs. Meanwhile, dark colors and a vertical pattern will add elegance and slimness.

    When creating an image, remember that patterned bright leggings should be combined with a neutral top. Tights from a thin material can not be combined with things from dense fabrics.

    Variants of images with leggings enough. Dark strict leggings with a knitted dress look win-win. In this outfit you can go to work, study, go shopping or for a walk.

    Black leggings look good with skirts, tunics, loose dresses, long tops and shirts. Such sets will give you attractiveness, sexuality and femininity.

    Long leggings can be worn with sweaters, T-shirts, dresses and long shirts. For such sets, shoes, sandals, high-heeled shoes, ballet flats, ankle boots or boots would be the perfect shoes.

    Leggings to mid-calf blend harmoniously with shorts, denim miniskirts, long, bright T-shirts and shirts.

    Full girls do not have to completely refuse to wear leggings. In this case, leggings should be a dark shade. It is better to combine them with fairly free and long things.

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