• LED lamp shade

    It so happens that the holiday "new year" sooner or later passes and leaves behind a bunch of different garlands and decorations. I will tell you how to make the LED lamp shade for the LED garland to serve for a whole year. After all, the service life of LEDs is infinitely long.
    We will need LED garland and lampshade. Garland, respectively, at 220 volts. In my 50 LEDs.
    Now we attach the garland to the lampshade. You can insert a suitable wand into the cartridge and fasten the garland with tape. Send half of the LEDs up, half down. See the photo.
    The garland can be connected to the shade holder, or directly to the outlet, through a standard plug, as you wish.
    Turn on, check. It turned out not only beautiful, but also very economical.

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