• Laugh heartily over anecdotes in the company of friends, and let the whole world wait!

    Everyone has a friend who just doesn’t come off his phone. How to talk and talk in general when he types SMS faster than he formulates verbal sentences? When it doesn’t matter to him that the dish is cold, where it’s more important that the 238th photo for “Instagram” still turned out and will accurately collect a bunch of likes? When his children evolution will probably leave only three fingers - two for a smartphone for an emphasis and a big one - to type messages?


    Photo source: pixabay.com

    Bars and restaurants have begun to appear in the world, where to sit with a telephone is a moveton! In some of them, they offer a discount to any client who turned off the phone during a meal, other places simply do not allow themselves to go to their mobile phone. Because it is necessary to communicate with each other, and not with gadgets!

    March 5 - Day off gadgets, so it's time to have fun in the topic! There was an excellent game for telephone-dependent ones: when a company of friends gathers, they all put their smartphones face down on the table with a screen.All the time while the company is having fun, no one has the right to check the phone, and excuses like “I only have time to look” do not work.

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