• Kim Kardashian became a mother for the third time

    The fact that Kim and her husband, rapper Kanye West, became parents for the third time, the TV star announced on her official website.
    Kim Kardashian became a mother for the third time
    Photo: Getty Images

    “She is already here! - Kim. - Kanye and I are happy to inform you about the birth of our beautiful healthy baby. We are incredibly grateful to the surrogate mother who helped us fulfill our dream, as well as to the doctors and midwives for their help. North and Saint (4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son of the couple. - Comm. Woman’s Day) are looking forward to meeting her younger sister. " Kim also reported the weight of the baby - 3 kg 447 g.

    Kim Kardashian became a mother for the third time
    Photo: Getty Images

    The news that the family is expected to replenish Kim and Kanye, appeared last summer. How the journalists managed to find out, due to the fact that previous pregnancies were complicated and another one could threaten Kim's health, the star couple decided to follow the advice of doctors and resort to the services of a surrogate mother. The identity of the girl, of course, was not disclosed, it is only known that this is a resident of San Diego aged from 25 to 30 years.The star couple signed an agreement with a company providing surrogate motherhood services for 113.85 thousand dollars, while the surrogate mother received 45 thousand, and the company - 68.85 thousand.

    By the way, it is surprising, but Kim is going to breastfeed her newborn herself. According to her personal doctor, it is possible, but for this star will have to drink a course of special preparations.

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