• Kerry Blue Terrier - Reliable Assistant and Protector

    It is believed that the breed of Kerry Blue Terrier bred in Ireland in the 19th century, but the history of the appearance of this breed is unknown. The dog was used for hunting, to help the shepherds, in the household and as a good rat catcher. Now the animal is bred more for keeping in the house as a good protector and helper.

    Kerry Blue Terrier

    Dogs are friendly and loyal. They are safe to keep in a house where there are small children. The animal will be a good friend and protector. For terriers characterized by active behavior, they are very fond of water, but can not tolerate rodents - rats, otters and others. Therefore, the plot near the house will be quickly cleared of unpleasant perpetrators. In the photo of the Kerry Blue Terrier you can see the features of its structure.

    Kerry Blue Terrier
    Kerry Blue Terrier - a great helper in the house
    Photo: Getty

    Male dogs are traditionally more assertive, taller and stronger than females. The weight of an adult dog reaches 15-18 kg, the height of boys is from 45 to 50 cm, girls are from 44 to 48 cm.Standard breed characteristics:

    • The elongated head, which smoothly passes into the muzzle.
    • The lines of the nose and forehead almost merge, sometimes there is a small crook.
    • Developed musculoskeletal system with a strong neck.
    • The body is square or rectangular, with an elongated chest.

    The legs are strong, proportionate to the growth of the animal, with curved, strong claws of black color. The color of dogs of this breed varies from steel to any other gray-blue color. Wool is soft, wavy, pleasant to the touch.

    How to care for a Kerry Blue Terrier

    This breed is easy to care for. You just need to follow simple rules:

    • Wool must be brushed weekly with a metal comb with sparse teeth. A good brushing effect gives a good effect - in addition to cleaning wool, it is also a useful massage.
    • Trimming should also be done, as dogs of this breed do not shed, and old hairs need to be plucked periodically. It is difficult to do this on your own, so it is better to entrust carrying out trimming to a specialist.
    • The animal needs daily eye rinsing. Do it with a swab dipped in clean warm water.
    • Ears should be cleaned weekly with a boron alcohol swab. The hair behind the ears and on the temples must be carefully cut off so that the parasites do not start and there is no inflammation.

    Such an easy regular care will keep your pet healthy, and the dog will be cheerful and cheerful. And daily active walks will add health not only to the dog, but also to its owner.

    A dog of this breed will be a good guard, loyal friend to the owner and playful companions for children. If you are ready to provide her the right care, be sure to get yourself such a pet.

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