• Kendrick Lamar Receives Pulitzer Prize

    The success that Kendrick Lamar accompanied throughout the past year, and does not think to run out. In 2017, his music video Humble from Damn's new album won the "Video of the Year" award at the MTV Video Music Awards, overshadowing the work of The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Alessia Cara and DJ Khaled. No sooner had the 2018 started, as in February the album itself became the best among the creations of other rappers on the Grammy, and now the musician was also awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for the same notorious Damn!

    By the way, this is the first case in the hundred-year history of the award when it went to a non-classical and non-jazz performer. So Kendrick, you can think twice. The jury appreciated the deep lyrical content of his tracks and noted that Lamar in his work reflects the complexity of African-American life. In addition to the lyrics, Kendrick was also praised for the original combination in the tracks of various musical styles - from hip-hop and soul to funk with jazz, not to mention the skillful use of African sounds and ethnic motifs.

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