• Judgment is coming: who protects the stars

    Stellar scandals often become public knowledge, and some of them end in legal proceedings. Woman's Day recalled lawyers who celebrities trust their secrets and ask for help in difficult times.

    Tatyana Akimtseva

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    Tatyana Akimtseva was the first to receive the title of stellar attorney. She was friends and repeatedly defended (and successfully!) Of many stars of the domestic show business: Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Filipp Kirkorov and Kristina Orbakaite, Jan Rudkovskaya and Yevgeny Plushenko.

    By the way, sometimes Akimtseva helped her famous friends for free.

    High-profile cases

    Akimtseva defended Philip Kirkorov in a well-known trial with assistant director Marina Yablokova; She also helped him in the paperwork on the paternity of children from a surrogate mother.

    Alla Pugacheva entrusted Tatyana Akimtseva to make public the information that their twins and Galkin were conceived with the help of an egg that was frozen 20 years ago.

    Akimtseva and Kristine Orbakaite helped in the proceedings with her former common-law husband Ruslan Baysarov when he took his son Denis without consent.

    Thanks to the lawyer, Yana Rudkovskaya received the right to children after her divorce from her husband, Viktor Baturin.

    She defended Akimtsev and the current husband of Rudkovskaya, figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko, when he had a conflict with commentator Andrei Zhurankov. The latter slandered the athlete in that he had no spinal injury.

    Last thing

    Protecting the interests of businessman Sergey Zhurba, who was assassinated in the summer of 2014 by unknown persons.

    58-year-old Tatyana Akimtseva and her driver were killed on September 12 of this year. It is assumed that the reason for the attack on her was her last investigation.

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