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    The box in which I store my jewelry now is very old and not spacious. I want to buy a new one that will be beautiful and compact. Someone knows where you can cheaply buy a jewelry box in Belarus?
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    Valentina Nizguretskaya
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    I bought my box in Germany when I traveled there about 5 years ago. It looks amazing and the quality is excellent. We have not seen such caskets for all this time, probably it is my unique one.
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    Valery Grigorovich
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    ������������Answered on July 27, 18:16
    Also, somehow I was looking for a new box for my wife and as a result I simply ordered it on the Internet. The casket was not bad, the shape is correct, the corners are smooth everywhere and the material is quite pleasant.
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    Tatyana Kolayrova
    ������������Tatyana Kolayrova
    ������������Answered on July 27 20:33
    If money allows, then take yourself a box decorated with gold and silver. Such caskets are of course very expensive, but they look just amazing. A mahogany casket will become a more budgetary option, but just don�t buy a plastic casket.

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