• Japanese nail care

    To perform Japanese manicure you will need the following materials and tools:
    - Wooden sticks.
    - Cuticle remover.
    - Oil to strengthen the nail plate.
    - Nutritious serums and creams (based on natural ingredients).
    - Scrub to remove dead particles.
    - Mineral paste.
    - Tools for polishing (polishing unit and wand).
    The beginning of the Japanese manicure procedure in the selection of the composition to restore the structure of the nails is concluded; this is done individually in each case. To solve the problem of nails, it is required to take into account the peculiarities of their condition and structure.
    Japanese manicure technique involves a very active nutrition of nails and skin, so first they prepare a bath for nails with natural ingredients. It is better to absorb substances softened tissue - nails immediately after the bath are treated with rice milk, cleans them and removes excess fat. The next step is the application of therapeutic serum (always with a high content of moisturizing ingredients).This procedure gives an instant effect - your nails look healthy and shiny.
    The second type of serum should strengthen the nail plate. Apply it after the stage of moisturizing, nails grow faster due to the natural nutrient composition. The structure of the serum is such that the smallest delamination and cracks fill the substance, smoothing the surface of the nail.
    The cuticle is removed with the help of softening compounds with algae, which remove excess skin from the nail. Mineral paste is required for the polishing process - nails are treated with a polishing unit, giving them a glossy surface. The final stage of polishing is powdered material with the finest granules.
    Hand massage - this is the final stage of Japanese manicure. Perform it with the help of bags with herbs and minerals that are preheated. Nourishing and softening cream is applied after the massage to soothe the tissues.

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