• Is it possible to drink water while eating

    How does the process of digestion

    The digestive process is designed to ensure that the food that a person eats is fully assimilated by the body. To do this, it must be decomposed into elemental substances - nutrients that can leak through the walls of the intestine and enter the blood, giving a person the strength not only to move and work, but also to think. This process begins when food enters the mouth, while chewing.
    At this moment, the food begins to be ground and mixed with saliva, which contains chemically active substances - enzymes, under the action of which the process of decomposition of food into components takes place. Moving along the esophagus, the chewed food continues to be digested, but the main process begins when it enters the stomach. It begins the selection of concentrated gastric juice, containing not only enzymes, but hydrochloric acid.Digestion continues after food enters the duodenum, and then into the intestine.

    Is it possible to drink food with water

    It is believed that drinking food with water is harmful because water reduces the concentration of gastric juice and slows down the action of enzymes, with the result that food is not digested in the stomach to the desired condition and enters the semi-digested intestine, causing the onset of the process of decay. At first glance, such a point of view is quite reasonable, but in fact not everything is so simple.
    The fact is that deep folds are located on the walls of the stomach. The liquid, hitting it, flows through these folds, moving into the lumen of the duodenum, not having time to dilute the gastric juice. Solid food is digested as usual. The only condition under which such drainage becomes possible is the normal size of the stomach - if too much food is eaten, its walls stretch and folds on them are smoothed, with the result that water, mixing with gastric juice, actually reduces its concentration. Therefore, for normal digestion it is necessary to limit the amount of food and try not to overeat.
    If desired, when the food is too dry, you can drink it, but in no case, not cold drinks, which contribute to the solidification of fats, which significantly slows down and even makes it impossible to digest such food. Therefore, there is no harm when you eat liquid soups and even broths - all the nutrients they contain will be completely absorbed by the body. But the cold water during the meal - a taboo, it should be drunk no earlier than 1.5-2 hours after you ate.

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