• Is chicory lactating?

    Alexander Duz
    Alexander Duz
    December 24, 2012
    Is chicory lactating?

    Many mothers who feed their babies with breast milk are concerned about whether they can eat chicory-based drinks. This medicinal herb has a number of useful properties, but its effect on the child’s body has not been thoroughly studied. Therefore, the views of pediatricians, in this regard, differ. Some of them even recommend moms to use small amounts of this product, someone advises to completely abandon it.

    In principle, all natural drinks and foods that are not strong medicinal substances or substances that suppress lactation can be consumed. Any child’s doctor would agree with that. However, if the baby is very small (up to 3 months) it is better not to experiment, and especially not to get involved in herbs.

    Basic rules of use

    The golden rule, in the context of whether chicory can be lactating, is closely monitoring the reactions of the child. So, if you used this product, and your baby suddenly showed allergies - completely eliminate chicory from the diet.By and large, this rule can be applied to any product.

    If you regularly use chicory, while the child’s behavior and well-being do not change, and the appetite does not deteriorate, you can safely continue to diversify your diet with this product. And, one more thing, regarding whether chicory can be nursing mom. Always know the measure, this applies not only to chicory. You should not overdo it with the proportions, even if it does not affect the baby in any way. Do not forget that chicory is, above all, a medicinal herb. Therefore, she is able to sufficiently strongly influence the organism of both the mother and the child under certain circumstances.

    A more accurate answer to the question of whether nursing chicory can be drunk is currently not possible, since, again, the effect of this medicinal herb on lactation and the condition of the child are not fully understood.

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