• Interior hallway in green

    Despite its spectrum, pleasing to the human eye, green is quite difficult to use in the interior. Especially it concerns deep, bright saturated shades.

    Designers are advised to adhere to two rules for using green color when designing a home interior:

    1.It is better to use bright dark shades of green for a large hallway with irregular layout and high ceilings. These colors include: dark green, bottle, black and olive.

    2.Light, calm tones are a good basis for a small hallway, they visually expand the space. These are the following shades: light green, mint, pistachio, gray-green.

    Consider that it is better not to use bright active shades for all surfaces, otherwise the hallway will turn into a boring room, even a bit gloomy. And soft and light tones are perfect for maximum use. To expand the narrow corridor, use a bright grass-green color for one wall - this will visually approximate it.When using a decorative large pattern (for example, frescoes or wallpapers), you will make the corridor more balanced by adding a highlight to the interior. This rule is acceptable for high ceilings.

    A color scheme

    There are several millions of shades of nature in nature, so it blends well with the other semitones. The overall impression will depend on how you use the additional colors.

    Gray, blue, red together with green will be suitable for a modern hall with a bright impregnation of passion.

    The scarlet, light blue, pistachio hue is suitable for a small room: the blue color will expand the space, making the ceiling higher, the pistachio color of the walls will perfectly highlight the saturation of the scarlet hue.

    All shades of green are combined with purple. Try to combine different halftone of the green spectrum and rich purple - this will make the hallway warm and cozy.

    Green and brown - a natural combination. For the hallway, you can use wood as a floor covering, and green - for finishing all surfaces.

    Flowers in the green living room

    Use potted plants to emphasize the effect of green shades.Here you can choose both beautiful bright orchids and a big ficus. If you are using fresh cut flowers, complement them with accessories in the same color palette.

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