• Wishes card. How to do.

    Ironically, most men first hear such a word, and are not at all interested in such a thing as a wish card. How to make it you will learn in this article. Basically, only women are fond of such an occupation, but we will not reject that no man will ever interfere in this matter. Feng Shui - a lesson for men is very far, because many do not even believe in it all. Yes, any healthy man immediately turns his head and covers his face with his palm. Self-irritation in men is associated with different rituals, for example, feng shui. Today we will tell you about such a thing as a wish card. How do you ask? In fact, to make it right is not so difficult, but there are some nuances, so read it carefully. You will also learn how to make an online wish card, on which site it is better to leave the plan and whether it is worth spending your precious time on such seemingly not very thoughtful and important things. We will also tell you how to draw a classical scheme on a drawing paper (sheet A1), tell you how it all works and introduce newcomers to the simplest elements of this strange action.



    A wish card is a surface (which is unimportant, it can be a piece of paper, a wall, a board or anything else, nothing you can draw and write) on which there are images of desired objects (these can be photos, drawings or small objects that can be placed on the card, such as talismans of loved ones). In general, this is all that is needed to create a wish card. How to make a treasure map (as they call it) you will learn by reading our article to the end. The name of the card does not affect the process itself.



    Nobody will give anything for free, because it is such a nature that you need to strive for something constantly. For beautiful eyes you will not get everything that you want. It is better to watch a video on how to make a wish card and what it represents for a better understanding of the concept itself. When you watch the video, you should not expect that the wishes come true, because you have to earn them. In order to have some kind of result, you need to constantly work. But why, then, do you need to glue different pictures and photos onto paper that is written with a set of words, you ask? But for what exactly:



    Most people are not too happy, because they always suffer from something that they lack.They go with sad faces, and if you ask them what they lack for full happiness, only a few will be able to specifically name what it is. The rest will immediately rush into thought and will ponder what is missing most of all? They will talk in a very abstract way, thinking of such concepts as wealth, success, beauty, fame and so on.



    Interesting video about the desire map





    You must know at least the pinnacle of how to make a wish card on your computer, because at least to determine what you really need for complete happiness. For example, not to be rich, but to buy yourself a new car, buy a large apartment, or at least have a specific income every month. No matter how unreal it all seemed, these are desires, it's much better to dream about them than about abstract wealth, because there are specific goals that you can strive for.



    The same problem with the desire to "become beautiful." It is necessary to put everything right into its shelves, and to put it straight, think everything into your head. This will help make our card desires. To paste your desire on it, you must accurately determine what in this photo or picture should be, a person without excess weight, pumped up, successful,in great clothes and stylish boots, with a healthy skin color and the like. Here you have finally decided what to do in order to get as close as possible to your desire or your desires.





    In order to learn how to properly make a wish card, you should at least know at the initial level about visualizing your desires. This topic can be highlighted in a separate article, so we will not dwell on this gap much. In a nutshell, it is proved that if you present the item you want, imagine how you already own and fully manage it, then the universe will soon be able to find the best way to give power to the item. There is no object on the table in front of you, but achieving your goal will be much easier, and the desire will have a better chance of becoming reality. You can call it whatever you like. If we speak Feng Shui, it will be the materialization of energy, which is everywhere. The main thing is that it works and there is a lot of benefit from it. You can watch the famous film called “The Secret”, which will greatly facilitate the understanding of the whole process.



    From the theory it is necessary to pass to the practice itself.It’s better to start with the fact that if you read everything written above carefully, then you should have understood the fact that the more efforts we make to produce a card, the longer we will want to fulfill our desire. The greater the likelihood that it will come true in the near future. Therefore it is recommended to draw with your hands, not using ready-made pictures. Human labor means a lot in this business. Now a lot of lazy people who do not want to do such things, so it's not strange that they do not want to believe in such things. This is either atheists or very disappointed in themselves and in life people. Lazy people just want to stick and wait for everything to be ready in a minute and the wish comes true. This will not happen. But the card is valid for lazy people as well, the main thing is to believe in it. It is best to create such a card directly on your PC using a very interesting Internet service, http://dreamsboard.ru/, where you can create an interesting and correct card of desires. How to do it will no longer bother you, because the site is very simple and clear, especially if you have carefully read our advice.


    Very soon you will need to change the pictures, because desires must come true.

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