• Interesting crafts from plastic bottles

    It turns out that from the most unnecessary and, at first glance, completely useless things, you can make very interesting, and most importantly, practical items that will allow you to save a lot of money.

    The usual plastic bottles, which are periodically found in every home, are not left out of the attention zone, caring housewives get rid of them in order not to “clutter up” the home, for good reason, because you can make very interesting and surprisingly useful things out of them!

    Very cute and beautiful

    The process of creation is fascinating and even exciting, and children and adults can be brought into the business, thereby rallying all family members in one entertaining lesson.

    At first glance, people who have never done anything like this can hardly believe that you can create some kind of masterpieces from an ordinary plastic bottle. It turns out you can, also how!

    Beautiful crafts made from plastic bottles are really done by hand, and this is especially nice: the raw materials for these purposes are the most primitive - plastic bottles and, sometimes, glue.If you want to do something more interesting and special, you may need paints and other finishing materials.

    But it is possible to make anything from such unpretentious materials, anything, the simplest thing is children's toys, small inventory for the dacha or unusual decor for the house.

    Those who are seriously attracted by such a thing will be interested to know that from ordinary plastic bottles it is possible to create real ornaments for children's playgrounds, figurines of animals or trees, flowers and flower beds, furniture and even shoes!

    Cute pink wonder

    As in any creative process, only your imagination and ingenuity is important here, and plastic bottles are a wonderful and versatile material that will help you to realize the boldest fantasies from a series of handicrafts.

    Very important is the fact that the process of creation itself is not so complicated, which is why young children can be attached to it, thereby contributing to the development of their creative abilities. So what can you do? Where to begin?

    Plastic Bottle Toys

    The most simple and interesting for small children is, of course, toys. For the little ones, you can make rattles that are perfect for playing in the open air, for example, in the country or in the garden.To create them you will need 6 plastic bottles of 1.5 or 2 liters.

    At each of them it is necessary to cut the top with a cork in such a way that when these 6 tips are combined, a ball is formed. Further, the blanks must be glued together to make a ball with 6 necks, or fasten them with screws to make sure.

    To make the rattle look more attractive, each neck can be screwed with a colored cork. If you want the craft to become a real rattle, then pour inside it beads, beads, or any other small objects.

    For older children, of course, this toy will no longer be entertaining, then the question arises, how to make something more interesting? The technique of making toys from plastic bottles and papier-mâché is especially popular.

    The principle is simple: to begin with, cut bottles form the frame of a future toy, for example, a plane or some kind of animal.

    Not all parts will turn out to be made of plastic, for example, the wings of an airplane are better made of cardboard, it can be used to create other additional parts, we connect everything together with ordinary tape.After the frame is ready, we prepare materials for papier-mâché: cut into small pieces of paper from old newspapers or ordinary paper for printers.

    Here is such a ship

    Next, we dilute the PVA glue with water in equal proportions, we dip each piece of paper into it and attach it to the frame of the future toy. Thus, you should get about 6 layers of paper, allow the glue to dry out and proceed to another fascinating part of your lesson: painting the details.

    With the help of this method, you can do almost anything: airplanes, crocodiles, fish, cars, you can collect a whole zoo!

    But for the playground you can think of and make a real palm tree or any other tree, flowers and even large figures of animals or fairy-tale heroes! There is nothing difficult, for example, if you decide to make a palm tree, then for the base you will need the bottom and middle parts of brown plastic bottles, and you can use green specimens to create palm leaves.

    The bottoms of the brown parts are attached to each other with glue or screws, and sharp green leaves are cut out of the green plastic, which are attached to the top in the same way.With this method, you can make other trees, flowers and install them on the playground or in your own garden, the only thing you do not forget is that after making such handicrafts, it is necessary to melt the cut points so that children do not get hurt.

    Butterflies and flowers with their own hands

    With the help of plastic bottles, you can create truly unique items that can very interestingly decorate your home. To do this, use a special technique: the elements of the crafts are mildly melted, resulting in an amazing transformation of conventional plastic.

    The easiest way - to create a small flower bed with flowers from a green plastic bottle and colored cardboard, there is no need to melt anything. We cut the top of the bottle, and cut the entire center into thin strips of plastic, we put on some prepared prints of flowers from cardboard, separate petals can be decorated with beads or beads, thereby obtaining a very nice bunch.

    Do not hold back the fantasy

    A more complicated way: we cut out several patterns of flower petals from any part of the bottle, it is desirable that they be of the same shape, but slightly different in size.

    We cut out such patterns, bend all the petals in one direction, and with the help of a candle we slightly correct them so that they acquire curls and smooth bends, like in real colors. Petals with each other can be connected using the same heat from a candle flame or using ordinary wire.

    To make a whole bunch, you can make a flower knife out of a wire; it is wrapped with a strip of plastic, which is previously passed through the heat so that it “solders” to the wire. From plastic you can cut the petals, sepals and even the most real butterflies that will decorate this bouquet!

    To make butterflies look more colorful and believable, they can be painted with acrylic paints, beads and beads can be added, all of which are absolutely easy to glue to Moment glue. To the wings of butterflies look in the right direction, they are also slightly warmed up on the flame of a candle, which makes them more natural and pretty.

    Such butterflies can be used not only to decorate a bouquet, but also to create pins on hair or curtains, fridge magnets and much more!

    Remember that in this case you can only limit your imagination,therefore, experiment, read master classes and watch video tutorials in which everything is told in full detail.

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