• Inguinal and femoral hernia - symptoms, causes and treatment

    Inguinal and femoral hernia



    Epigastric hernia - a protrusion of fat and sometimes the intestine through the abdominal wall between the navel and the sternum.


    Obstructive hernias occur when part of the intestine passes through a gap between the bones of the anterior part of the pelvis.


    A hiatal hernia occurs when the upper part of the stomach is protruded forward through the aperture in the diaphragm occupied by the esophagus.


    Hernias may be otherwise classified.


    Congenital or acquired. Congenital hernias exist from birth. All the rest are acquired. Congenital can only be umbilical or inguinal hernia, but congenital weakness of the abdominal wall can increase the likelihood of other hernias.


    Directed or unmanaged. A guided hernia can be reversed to its original location in the abdomen. It is not possible to do this with unassembled ones — too small a hole.

    Injured or uncomfortable. Injured hernias are those in which the narrowness of the hole transmits blood circulation. This is a very serious disease leading to rapid tissue necrosis, gangrene and death. With an unremovable hernia, the bulged tissue continues to receive blood.


    Inguinal and femoral hernia - Causes



    Congenital hernias are caused by the fact that during the development of the fetus, some channels do not grow properly. The bowel is shifted either before delivery or immediately afterwards. Acquired hernias are caused by any kind of tension or effort that increases the pressure in the abdomen and protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal wall, such as physical work, bowel tension, a strong cough, etc. abdominal wall, as well as any sudden increase or decrease in weight (for example, during pregnancy). Men doing heavy physical work have an increased likelihood of a hernia.


    Inguinal and femoral hernia - Symptoms



    Symptoms depend on the type and circumstances of the hernia, the size of the opening (hernial orifice), and the size of the organ involved.The process of protrusion can also be gradual, and the symptoms increase until they become noticeable, or abrupt (for example, when lifting a heavy load), and in this case, the person feels as if something “broke off”, along with pain of different strengths.


    In general, there is a feeling of weakness and pressure in this area of ​​the body, a feeling of gurgling in a stiffened organ; pain can be permanent or appear from time to time. Swelling may be present permanently or appear only under pressure. The constantly present tumor can increase in size. The digestive process is interrupted, often leading to constipation.


    When the hernia is infringed, especially acute symptoms appear. When blood circulation is interrupted, the bulging tissue dies off and swells, increasing the pressure on the hernial ring. Hernia is inflamed, acute pain appears, and the skin over this area may redden. (In intestinal hernia, movement in the intestine stops and vomiting may occur.) Dead tissue in the hernia quickly, often within five to six hours, becomes gangrenous, and this in turn leads to peritonitis - inflammation of the peritoneum and its contents.With no treatment, death occurs in a few days.


    Inguinal and Femoral Hernia - Treatment



    Adjustable hernias are sometimes held in place by means of a hernial bandage - a belt with a pad that is selected according to the shape of the hernia. But while gravity exists, there remains the danger of its infringement. Therefore, most grzhzh treated surgically. All damaged tissue is removed, the protruding organ returns to its place, and the incision is sutured. A strangulated hernia requires immediate surgery.

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