• Incredible denim wedding dress - models for the most daring brides

    Now, few people will be surprised by the motley outfits of the bride and groom, and the matter here is not so much in the ethical component, as in the changed tastes of modern newlyweds. Recently, an unusual denim wedding dress is gaining special popularity. Of course, it is suitable not for any celebration, but, in particular, for thematic, organized in a free style. If you are looking for non-trivial ideas of wedding dresses, then the denim option - perhaps, exactly what you need!

    Such a wedding dress can be sewn entirely of denim, but do not forget that this fabric is quite dense.

    Most often, brides choose the “medium” option: one half is a standard white dress, the second one is a non-standard denim dress. In this case, the fabric can be joined in the most unusual way: for example, it is sewn in pieces, one is sewn on top of another, and so on.P.

    A very interesting decision is a dress in which the top is made of denim, and the bottom is made of classical chiffon, satin, tulle or brocade. The same applies to this outfit, where the bride wears a cropped denim jacket or vest on top of a classic white dress. The combination can be very different, but the rule is one - to connect the classic fabric for a wedding dress with a denim.

    The original addition to this unusual dress will be shoes in a similar style and an unusual “denim bouquet”.

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