• What dress can you go to the theater in?

    A trip to the theater at all times was and remains a festive event, a peculiar way out, which allows you not only to enjoy the interesting setting and exciting play of actors, but also the opportunity to dress well, to show yourself and see others.

    You must admit that life is so fleeting and loaded that all the weekend outfits that you so want to wear more often remain hanging for years in wardrobes and wardrobe until they are completely out of fashion.


    Before the fashionistas of, say, the nineteenth century, there was exactly the same question, however, they knew for sure that going to the theater should be accompanied by a beautiful and fashionable dress, jewels and perfect hairstyles. Not surprising, because it was one of the few opportunities to express themselves and their capabilities. And what about today?

    Going to the theater in our time, it is difficult to guess what you can go to the theater, because people have abandoned theatrical traditions, many have completely forgotten that in such places there is a certain dress code.

    Black classic

    So it turns out: dressed in an expensive and elegant evening dress, you can easily feel like a black sheep among the gray mass of sweaters and pants. But this does not mean that one should be like everyone! Of course not.

    Nowadays, when the tradition of dressing up in elegant dresses and fancy dress coats has sunk into oblivion, certain rules of theatrical etiquette still remain;

    How to dress in a theater girl?

    As we have already said, the modern theatrical fashion has transformed, has become much more mobile, the modern pace of life makes it necessary to visit such places almost immediately after work, which makes it impossible for a girl or a man to re-dress in the grand weekend.

    Modern image

    That is why today more and more often in the theater you can find a democratic form of clothing: pantsuit or skirt suits, and sometimes, unfortunately, even jeans and sweatshirts, which you will agree, is not the most appropriate option.

    If you do not have time to change clothes after work, then, in fact, there is nothing wrong if you come to the play in a business suit - you just need to add a few touches.For example: take off a jacket, stay in a blouse, stab your hair, tint your eyes and, for example, decorate yourself with a pretty scarf.


    Thus, an ordinary business suit turns into an elegant set for publication. Thus, we are answering another popular question - in trousers to the theater, although it is undesirable, but you can still walk, only jeans are excluded, especially options with various scuffs and tins.

    Another exception can be made by noisy premieres or the closure of theater seasons, especially if you are going to the theater with the “name”, something like the Bolshoi Theater, the Mariinsky Theater or, for example, La Scala.

    With long skirt

    To put on trousers, and especially jeans, in similar places - upwards bad taste and daring. There is another interesting unspoken rule: the more pompous and elegant the building of the theater itself, the richer and more elegant your clothes should be.

    Beautiful girl

    If you are going to the theater for a very special occasion, it may be appropriate to put on an expensive evening dress with open shoulders and gloves on the floor. Typically, these sets complement the jewelry and high heels.

    For particularly pompous theatrical events, a fur cape, a dress with a train, high gloves and even family jewelry can come up. However, do not overdo it, even at very high-profile premieres, this image may look "screaming", and therefore it is very important to observe the measure in everything.


    The second, more relaxed and affordable option is an evening cocktail dress that is ankle-length or knee-length, with closed shoulders or without sleeves, good jewelery or elegant jewels.

    For ordinary everyday trips to the theater can go off a festive blouse and a narrow skirt of any length (of course, the exception is a mini). The image can be complemented by a jacket or a scarf.


    As for the colors and decor, it is better to use the fabric of noble colors: no acidic shades that will consume the eyes of artists. Styles should not be too intricate, if you choose a dress with a neckline, then it eliminates the cut and vice versa.

    A little courage

    Remember that in a theater it's better to look through-chur modestly, thereby, emphasizing your intelligence, than shouting and defiant. What exactly can not be put on the stage is miniskirts and the same dresses, frank tight corsets, jeans, shorts, sports pants and t-shirts.

    Hairstyle, makeup and accessories

    Since most sessions take place in theaters after 6 pm, this indicates that it is fitting for a woman to try on an "evening toilet". And this means: the heel is higher, the make-up is brighter, the jewelry is larger, and the dresses are longer.

    Still, the measure can not be forgotten: makeup should be more saturated than everyday, but not as bright as if you were going to a nightclub. It can be a dark eyeliner, bright lipstick, concealer and powder to even the complexion, as well as shadows that are in harmony with the color of the eyes and skin.


    The hairstyle should be neat and, preferably, collected, in particular, this applies to girls with long hair. It is not recommended to make voluminous backdrops or high bunches, to wear hats or headbands with bows, which is why it is probably not difficult to guess.

    Jewelry has a place to be, but everything should be in moderation: it can be a chain with a pendant and small earrings, or a large cocktail ring and large earrings, possibly a pearl thread on the neck or other beads, the main thing is that they harmoniously fit into the whole image.

    Good makeup

    As for shoes, naturally, heels are welcome, from 5-7 cm. If you are on a car, then it is better to bring with you a pair of shoes that you can replace with inappropriate winter boots. Volumetric handbags are usually not taken to the theater, they are replaced by theatrical bags or clutches.

    And the men?

    If you are going to go in pairs, it is important that your outfits are in harmony: for example, the color of your dress and tie. A slender young man will look good in a fitted black or dark blue suit, the shirt should shade the complexion.

    A tie or a butterfly is not mandatory, again, the exception is the most pompous outlets "in the light." Tuxedos and tails today in our theaters are almost not worn.


    For a young and creative public, a shirt, perhaps of bright color and plain trousers, is suitable. A nice decoration of the male image will be a neck scarf, scarf, glasses in an unusual frame or creative shoes.

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