• Improved seats on the plane will allow parents and babies to sleep together. It seems like a great idea!

    The airline has set itself a difficult goal - to make the flight for parents and small children simple and comfortable, and for this she did a lot of work:

    • Not so long ago, the company demonstrated the ranks of three places in the "economy class", which are easily transformed into a completely flat surface.
    • By the middle of 2018, kids flying with their parents in the “economy class” will be able to comfortably sit in comfortable and unfolded seats. Child safety is also ensured by special belts.
    • Previously, Air New Zealand required adults to hold babies on their knees and wear seat belts, which was, of course, very uncomfortable.
    • For new, improved seats, the company also released a special belt.which allows an adult and a baby to sleep together. In the light of recent events, two children can now easily sit on the seats.

    The wide surface of the new seats allows you to transform three seats into one flat and elongated. It is comfortable to sleep here for both the baby and the parent. This is a big step towards the creation of comfort in the "economy class", because before for such changes there was too little space.

    By the middle of 2018, parents will have at their disposal a special free seat belt that will allow babies to lie next to the adult during the entire flight. There is no discomfort or constraint for the child. This design has three dimensional rows - large, medium and small, which allows you to choose a model suitable for the age of the toddler.

    In a recent press release, Air New Zealand's general manager Anita Hawthorne said that feedback was caused by such changes to clients. The manager also expressed the hope that their efforts will not be wasted, because now parents can comfortably travel the world together with the kids.

    From now on, children will have their own small territory in an airplane where they can sleep and play without interfering with other passengers.

    Users of the social network Twitter, who have heard this news, respond very positively about the changes and praise the airline for the initiative.

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