• If the initial novel has more than 1000 pages, does it make sense to turn to the publisher to print a book with a sequel?

    There is a large draft of 12 common long notebooks in a cage. While the first book of the novel is being printed (about 1000 pages), a sequel will be written followed by processing the draft material. How does the publisher look at it?
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    Answered on August 19, 2015 13:06
    First make sure the publisher wants to print what is there. Sometimes the matter in the work itself - well, it does not reach the level of interest for many readers, so it is unprofitable to print it. Sometimes - in the publisher. There are writers who have bypassed 10-20 publishers before they found “their own.” They refused to print, because again they considered the work unprofitable.As a result, there was a suitable publisher, the work became popular, the author - famous and beloved readers. Sometimes the work is good, but the genre in which it is written is not in fashion, so its typing will be disadvantageous for the publisher. So first find a common language with the publisher. If you want to print such a large book for your own money just for yourself (not even in several copies, for example, to distribute to friends and acquaintances), then why do you need this costly event? If for yourself, you can simply print the text beautifully and arrange it in several handwritten pamphlets like diplomas in the university.

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