• I have not been able to choose for a long time who I should become! I thought about this question as early as grade 5. Can you give me some advice?

    I do not know who I become to be the prose of all to help me.
    By the designer
    Learned to programmer and open your store
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    Varfolomeeva Veronika
    ������������Varfolomeeva Veronika
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    What abilities are you open more? to sew or create programs? (but it seems to me to be programmers)
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    Lena Plakhotnik
    ������������Lena Plakhotnik
    Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.
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    Varfolomeeva Veronika
    ������������Varfolomeeva Veronika
    ������������Answered on October 8, 2015 21:24, Lena Plakhotnik | ������������ ��������
    ������������Answered on October 9, 2015 14:15
    A programmer is a more popular profession. In addition to the main work, you can still do all sorts of additional.Designers are also needed, but taste plays a big role here, there is less work and there can be high competition - it is more difficult to build a client base.

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