• I eat little and do not lose weight. What is the reason?

    In fact, there are not so many reasons.

    Slow metabolism. This is due to health problems or in the case when the body is depleted diets. Then for fast weight loss it is not necessary and to hope, Vel calories are absorbed even from the most useful and dietary products.

    Monodiets.Buckwheat kefir, vegetables and skinless chicken are undoubtedly very useful products for the figure. But each of them is suitable only for a fasting day, that is, 1-2 times a week. Monotonous eating for a long time is strictly prohibited. Firstly, the body does not receive all the useful and nutrients, and secondly, it will accumulate fats for a rainy day.

    Hidden fats and sugars. Based on the principles of healthy eating, many choose for themselves low-calorie foods, forgetting that with a small calorie content, food can contain a large amount of various fats, as well as sugar, which is subsequently transformed into fats.

    Wrong snack.It happens when there is no time, snack on the run with a pair of smoked sausage sandwiches. On the one hand, it’s not much, but you’re not really good, but on the other hand, two sandwiches with sausage are equal in calories to one and a half kilograms of vegetable salad. The question is not: how much is there, but what exactly ?! Eating on the move, a person often forgets that food should be chewed well, which means that even the most useful snack will sit on the sides with extra pounds.

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