• Hunting for the element: the fascinating photos of Francisco Negroni

    The greatness of the raging elements. Unbridled power of Mother Nature, capable of destroying everything in its path. For some time now, a former political news photographer, Chilean Francisco Negroni (), has been hunting for such personnel. The impetus to the change of roles for a talented photographer was the eruption of the volcano Lyaima, personally seen in 2008. The pictures taken are impressive. Lava flows, billowing up columns of smoke accompanying the eruption of lightning volcanoes look fascinating. They are majestic and realistic at the same time. In pursuit of new frames, the photographer travels around the country and even organizes exclusive excursions for those who want to see the famous volcanoes in southern Chile.

    © Francisco Negroni © Francisco Negroni

    Among the works of Francisco Negroni there are both color and monochrome photos. They are all good in their own way. The same picture, taken in color and without, allows you to verify this.

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