• How we stopped being afraid of water

    My small right kind of phobia has already developed, afraid of water, even shoot. He does not even want to get into the bathroom, but it all started with the fact that we were on vacation with the whole family, the sea, the beach, beauty. The elder was swimming on his favorite mattress - a http://babadu.ru/store/1856/ raft and a little is needed, but so is the elder if he is already holding up well, even if this raft turns over, so for him it is a fun game. They on the contrary with the husband like to have a rage in water in such a way, for small it turned out to be critical.

    In general, I do not know what to do, because we are going to go to the resort again.

    The whole family will not sit in the stuffy city, and the smallest fresh sea air is useful.

    I have even resigned myself to the fact that he will just sit on the shore, watch us, and the benefits of sea bathing will pass by.

    But a lucky chance helped me. I chose the next swimmer on the Internet for my elder, he loves my variety. And since all these gadgets are quite inexpensive, I buy something new for him on every trip.

    circle red swimtrainerWell, this time, as I said, I sat in the internet on my favorite children's website and suddenly I noticed unusual circles for learning to swim, they are not made like others, which are simply put on a belt. And then somehow the support of the handles was specially designed, in general, according to the description, I realized that the baby was in the right position and was rowing as it should.

    I could not restrain myself and bought it for testing, but how will it go with the small one. At first they put this circle on the land, showed several movements, the son ran along the bank in it, and then suddenly quite calmly agreed to go with the dad into the water. I think that it seemed safe to him in this circle, he is well supported, while the chest is half in the water, which does not cause the body to bend over, but gives room and will to try to do the strokes.

    In general, you know, I was just in shock, but after a couple of bathing sonny our little one - swam!

    Yes, while in this circle, of course, but for us it is in general compared to last year just a breakthrough. Now you can not keep it on the shore, and breaks into the water. Such a fish turned out to be. And I am very pleased that I paid attention to these circles from http://babadu.ru/store/1857/ - indeed, someone’s very thoughtful idea turned out to be useful to us.

    I think that now the swimmer will grow up in our country, we will soon be moving to a larger one.

    Caring mother Angelina.

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