• How good to write?

    One of the most difficult languages in the world is Russian. With proper writing of sentences, even the most simple speech can be decorated. Let's analyze in this article how to write sentences well and without mistakes, what you need to know for this. Agree that spelling literacy plays a very important role. Any story or just text, even decorated with various metaphors or aphorisms, will not be taken seriously by the reader if it contains spelling errors.

    How to write better

    • In our time, one can meet people all the time who, having two or even three higher educations, cannot competently express their thoughts. The thing is that at one time some important moment in learning was missed. Writing correctly means expressing your thoughts in a letter without mistakes.
    • In order to write better, you need to devote a lot of time to reading literature. After all, during the reading a person automatically remembers the correct spelling of certain words and expressions. And it does not matter at all whether it is you who are reading - classics or modern literature.The important thing is that quite a bit of time will pass, and you will have your own style of expressing thoughts.
    • In order to increase the literacy of your letter, try to say everything you have written to the ear. This method will help you not only to correct at least half of the mistakes made, but also not to miss the logical flow of the main idea.
    • It should be clarified that to write correctly and beautiful does not mean at all long and flowery. A long sentence that you forget while reading, what was said at the beginning, will not be remembered and will not interest the reader. Only those who are very good at speaking are able to express their thoughts violently. Otherwise, you can only confuse yourself and the reader. But it's best to just use simple sentences when writing. For a long time, brevity is the sister of talent.
    • A clear text structure should be observed. In other words, the text should consist of the introductory part, the main and final. You should not write up in the intro part of the three pages about anything. There are enough two-three sentences in which the topic is slightly opened, which will be considered in the main part of the text. As for the final part, the writer needs to draw certain conclusions and take stock.

    Tips for working with children

    • If your child makes many mistakes in words when preparing homework, then you should make it a rule to help him with his work. First of all, you need to try not to focus attention on the mistakes, but instead just to pronounce the right options out loud.
    • If you are asked for advice, say only the correct version. We should not say that the word is spelled wrong, but like this. The child will not remember anything and will come to you for exactly one day for advice regarding the same issue.
    • Try to carry out dictations more often.
    • Let your child read aloud texts not in the way we usually read, but in the way he will write. Let him pronounce words by syllables. Thus, both visual and auditory and motor memory will be involved.

    Now you know how to write well and correctly express your thoughts. And from this will depend on how you will be perceived in the future by the people around you.

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