• How to write the characteristic on the worker?

    for an employee, a necessary and important thing, it can be useful in many cases - when changing jobs, when making bonuses or promotions, and sometimes it is nice to get information about yourself as an employee. If you do not know how to write a testimonial for an employee, you should do this based on the following recommendations.

    What should be contained in the characteristic

    To understand how to write a characteristic for an employee, it is important to know what items it should contain, what information will be needed and important.

    1. Fully name patronymic and surname of the employee and year of birth "Ivanov Alexey Konstantinovich born in 1975 ..."
    2. The name of the company, the period of service and the position occupied by the employee "... is an employee of Novostroy CJSC from 2002 to the present, as a specialist in personnel service." Here it is also possible to indicate job changes and career growth "2002-2004 assistant specialist of the personnel service, 2004 to the present specialist of the personnel service".
    3. Information about labor skills and work skills “During his work in our company, Alexey Konstantinovich has established himself as a professional, competent and highly skilled worker. He showed sensitivity and understanding to the problems of the staff, responsibly approached any assignments and carefully and carefully handled written accounts. ” It also indicates professionally important qualities - if it is a social worker, we write about his communication skills, if he is a worker, then about his ability to work, accuracy and endurance, if he is a teacher, we write about his contact with children and the results of his work. It is useful to use the verbs of the action “Made, promoted, won the competition, took an active part, organized” and others.
    4. If you want, you can write about specific work skills and functional responsibilities in the organization. “Selected and selected personnel, initial diagnostics of employees, helped newcomers to adapt in a team, carried out personnel qualification assessment procedures and conducted training seminars for employees and managers, kept personnel records works in the programs of MC Office and 1C ".
    5. Information about relations in a team “In the team of our company, Alexey Konstantinovich is an important and respected employee, colleagues can always turn to him for help or constructive criticism. Many consider him a real comrade, and management is always ready to rely on him as an executive and responsible employee. ”
    6. Information about additional education and advanced training passed in the organization, as well as the desire to improve the skills and obtain new knowledge. This will demonstrate not only the quality of knowledge and skills of the employee, but also their development, will show the possibilities of his adaptation to new conditions.
    7. The main character traits of the employee - "Responsibility and hard work, are the main character traits of Alexei Konstantinovich."
    8. The purpose of writing the characteristic "The characteristic is given for presentation at the place of demand" is a general goal, suitable for almost any institution, or you can write a special characteristic on a specific request.
    9. Signature of the head of the department (if the employee is subordinate to him) and the head of the organization
      “Head of HR Department Olga Vladimirovna Petrova (signature)
      Director of CJSC Novostroy Yury Ivanovich Alekseev (signature) ”
      The characteristic is certified by the seal of the organization.

    How to write a testimonial on an employee who did not cope well with responsibilities - do not write the evaluative words “bad, careless, irresponsible, disgusting” and others. Speak only about the facts, the fact that it is indisputable and does not contain an assessment of "there are discipline violations, was noticed at work with alcohol, and many times did not hand over work on time".

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