• How to write a fable?

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    How to write a fable?

    Agree, there are schoolchildren who can write a fable no worse than Krylov, but, unfortunately, such units. But despite this, teachers give the task to children to compose a fable in prose.

    What is a fable? It is considered to be a fable some instructive story, at the end of which is a conclusion or moralizing. Often a source of inspiration for writing a fable is a proverb or saying. And the fables are found both in verse and in prose.

    Anyone can write a fable, the main thing is to apply a little effort and imagination to this. First, we select a suitable proverb or saying. How to write a fable? There are several options:

    • We paint the saying in the form of a story, invent characters, that is, the heroes of our fable, and at the end let down the moral. Moral and there will be a proverb that we have taken as a basis, it can be retell in our own words, supplemented or left as it is.
    • First, we invent morality, and then we invent the fable itself for morality. Coming up with a fable, you need to ask the question what this fable is about.

    Sometimes the fable is called folk wisdom, the heroes of which can be animals with certain typical human traits.

    More fables written by children can be in the form of a poem or prose with a satirical assessment. In addition, there should be a moralizing character. Remember the fabulist Krylov, very often in his fables as the heroes were the beasts. Thus, it is easier to convey the meaning of the fable, because most often we associate the fox with cunning, the ant with diligence and so on. The best option would be to use these particular characters.

    Let's sum up. A fable can be in verse, that is, in rhyme and in prose, like ordinary text. The best heroes of fables are animals. The moral and the essence of the fable is best expressed as a proverb or proverb. Thus, following all these instructions, you can calmly say "we compose fables ourselves." And remember, everyone can compose, if you attach your imagination to this and give enough time.

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