• How to worm?

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    How to worm?

    Going fishing? Cooked worms? Then you need to know how to hook the worm. We offer you a few basic ways of mounting this live bait. The difference in mounting depends on what kind of fishing rod you use and what fish you are going to catch.

    Nozzle rules

    Worm (rain or dung) - a live bait. Therefore, the main thing is to plant this bait so that it remains mobile, that is, alive. How to fit the worm in this case?

    1. The worm is placed on the head.
    2. It is necessary to bait a worm by inserting a hook under its skin.
    3. The hook should be chosen thin and short - two times shorter than the bait.
    4. If the worm fits completely, then the hook should be inserted at a distance of about one and a half centimeters from the worm head. In this case, the tip of the hook should be hidden, and the tail of the bait free to dangle.
    5. If several small worms are placed, they are strung with a bundle, and in the last (bottom) one they hide the sting of the hook.
    6. To catch predatory fish, you can combine a worm with a piece of fish or crawl.
    7. To catch non-predatory fish, the worm is combined with a moldy mold, barley or corn.

    Nozzle Ways

    There are several ways of attachment, because you can plant the worm as a whole, in pieces or in a bundle. In addition, the worm can be mounted so that the fishing line also entered into his body or so that the bait was strung only on a tackle (a collection or special hook with several stings).

    Slice on

    In this case, the worm does not sit on the hook completely - its tail remains dangling. The method is suitable for catching float fishing rod. Non-predatory fish bite well on such bait. So, if you are thinking about how to put a worm on a crucian, then choose this method.

    Fully mounted

    Suitable for catching large or predatory fish. With this method, the worm sits on the hook completely. In this case, the worm will not be mobile, but large prey will bite on such a bait.

    Seating with access to the line

    The bait can be pulled on the line above the hook. This method is suitable for catching restless fish. In this case, the body of the bait completely hides the hook, and the fish that swallows it does not break down.

    Mounting on a gear

    In this method, the worm's body is strung on the common part of a long hook with several stings or on a tack (several hooks tied to a fishing line). The stings of the hooks remain open.


    Several small worms are pierced with a hook on top and strung on it. The bottommost worm should hide the sting of the hook.

    These are the ways you can use nozzles when fishing for a worm.

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