• How to weld metal?

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    How to weld metal?

    The need for welding works constantly appears in private homes. Any owner always dreams to get a welding machine, so as not to turn to costly craftsmen for any trifle. Having bought the device, learn the rules of working with it.

    The most commonly used in everyday life metal thickness up to 2 mm. Such a thin metal is a very good option for the manufacture of pipes, stainless steel tanks and other household items. It is interesting that practically every owner of a welding machine knows how to weld this kind of metal, but in order to make a product correctly, nevertheless, it is necessary to learn some of the mandatory rules.

    How to weld metal by arc welding

    This type of welding is advised to use for beginners, since you will not need much experience, since if you have already cooked with a semiautomatic machine, you will still have to relearn again.

    We give an example of welding metal with a thickness of 1.5 mm. For welding of this material we use an electrode of 2 mm (two), in the case of the absence of two, it is possible to cook with a three.

    There are several ways to weld metal. Video will help you navigate

    • The method of continuous welding of the entire seam - is that the electrode is carried out without tearing along the entire length of the seam. Apply when welding thick metal, with a ceiling seam.
      • Step 1. Set the current value of 40-60 Ampere. Adjust depending on the characteristics of your device a little more or less.
      • Step 2. Test the device readiness for operation. To do this, melt the metal and, if the root of the seam is roasted, while the metal itself is not burned out - the device is configured correctly.

      Continuity of welding is ensured by the correct setting of the electrode, of a suitable diameter, the supply of current and a certain speed of conducting the electrode on the metal. When the electrode moves quickly, the weld root will not fall, but the weld itself will be boiled over the joint. If it is too slow, it will burn metal.

    • The method of intermittent welding or spot welding - used for welding thin metal

      Instructions on how to learn how to weld metal in this way:

      • Step 1. We set the current a little more than usual so that the root of the seam boils well.
      • Step 2. With a strong current and thin metal it is necessary to cook in dots.To do this, lightly touch the metal and immediately remove the electrode. Quickly repeat the procedure so that the metal did not have time to cool.
      • Step 3. Ensure that the seam is not melted through.

    How to weld thin metal

    Semiautomatic welding is convenient in all respects. Perfectly cooks such a tool in small currents, continuously the entire welding seam, and points.

    It is also convenient that there is no need to constantly knock with an electrode, but you just need to press a button at a certain moment. In the rest of the work we perform, as stated above.

    Rules for the safe use of the welding machine

    1. Order and cleanliness in the workplace will protect you from injury.
    2. It is forbidden to work with the instrument in the rain or in wet areas.
    3. Provide high-quality lighting in the workplace.
    4. It is forbidden to work near flammable objects, gases, liquids.
    5. Always check the device to avoid electrical injury.
    6. Never touch grounded surfaces while working.
    7. Children and any other strangers are forbidden to be near.
    8. Store the device in a special place, inaccessible to children, for storing electrical appliances.
    9. Do not carry out repairs mechanisms on their own.
    10. Follow the current and load requirements for this device.
    11. Your work suit should not contain unnecessary details, it should not be too spacious. Outside, wear rubber gloves and special boots with non-slip soles.
    12. Protect your eyes with glasses.
    13. If a dust extraction system is provided, do not ignore this function.
    14. Hair hide under a hat.
    15. Use a vice to free both hands for the welding machine.
    16. Always be guided by safety standards.
    17. Monitor the integrity of the power cord.
    18. Lubrication and replacement of accessories should be done according to the attached instructions.
    19. Keep the instrument handles clean. They should always be dry.
    20. Do not let the engine start unexpectedly.
    21. Choose only the types of work that your welding machine can do. If you give a large load than can pull the tool, it will break.
    22. Avoid direct contact with the welding circuit, as current from a generator that is at rest is life threatening.

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