• How to wean from the night feedings?

    Developing in the womb, the baby receives food constantly, without any interruptions. Already during the first weeks after birth, he independently determines the diet he needs. And my mother can only follow this mode, even at night. The duration of sleep of the infant in the first months of life is 3-4 hours. A longer time without feeding, he can not do. In addition to milk, the baby also receives tactile contact with the mother during feeding, which is equally important for him.

    For mothers, night feeds are also of great importance. It has already been established that it is feeding at night that intensively stimulates the production of prolactin, which contributes to better lactation, that is, the baby will be completely lacking in mother's milk, the most useful product for him.

    After 6 months

    But time passes, the child grows up. And sooner or later the question arises, how to wean from night feedings? Usually, after 6 months, the baby begins to wake up at night much less often, but if the number of night feeds does not decrease, you need to think about the reasons.Perhaps the child doesn�t have enough daytime feedings or he is simply thirsty, sometimes the reason for the frequent demands of the breast at night is the lack of communication with the child during the daytime. Give your child more attention during the day, often take him in your arms, play and talk with him. Try to feed the baby before bedtime. If the mother goes to bed much later than the baby, she should feed him again, before going to bed herself.

    During the night feeding do not turn on the bright light, in any case do not play with the child and try to talk as quietly as possible. If the baby falls asleep during feeding, do not wake him, but simply put him in a cot.

    After 10 months

    If by 9-10 months the baby continues to wake up frequently at night for feeding, you can resort to more intensive measures. But at the same time, they should be gentle both for the baby and for the mother. In no case do not deprive the child of night feeds dramatically. First try to increase the interval between feedings, then limit to one feeding per night.

    If the question is how to wean from the night feedings, then it is worth resorting to the help of the Pope. The child does not always wake up at night from hunger, even if the father gets up to the child, he does not have a breast, but communication with him can replace the baby feeding.

    Try to be more with the child in the fresh air. Increase daily feeds. When bathing a child before bedtime, add a decoction of herbs to the water (valerian, lavender, hawthorn, hops). This will help your baby sleep tight.

    They very well influence the sleep of bathing according to the Komarovsky method - at a water temperature of 27-28C, while it is necessary that the baby move actively, you can talk with legs, dive. The bathing procedure should take at least forty minutes, but then the most restless children after such heats will sleep well and will not remember mother�s breast until the morning. Naturally, to reduce the temperature of the water in the bathroom when swimming is necessary slowly and gradually.

    If you practice sleeping together with a child, then your mother should sleep dressed. A sleepy baby, not reaching the breast, sometimes falls asleep without feeding. But in any case, by the year it is better to teach the baby to his crib. When a child is accustomed to sleeping alone, he wakes up much less often and asks for the breast.

    Try replacing bottle-feeding with water. But one should not give the child juice or sweet tea, only ordinary pure water will do. Otherwise, having disaccustomed the baby to suck at night on the breast, you do not decide the problem of your own sleep, but you will still go up to him again to give him another drink of tasty juice.

    For a good sleep, the temperature of the air in the bedroom also matters. The child sleeps better if it is cool in the room, but naturally the baby should be well covered.

    In order to wean the child from the night feedings, it requires patience and understanding of your baby. You should not wean the child if he is sick or his teeth are cut, wait for a more favorable moment, then the process will go much faster and be less painful.

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