• How to wean a kitten biting?

    Olga Izvekova
    Olga Izvekova
    January 30, 2013
    How to wean a kitten biting?

    Taking the pet, the owners often find that their kitten is scratching and biting. To solve this problem, first of all it is necessary to determine why the kitten bites. If you accidentally stepped on an animal’s tail or frightened it and received a bite in response, just take the pet in your arms and pet it. This bite is a reaction to your actions.

    Another thing, if your kitty scratches and bites during the game. In fact, he does not wish you anything bad, but simply does not understand what makes you hurt. In addition, the habit of biting may occur if the owners allow the kitten to play with his hands, because in this case he perceives your fingers as a game and preys on them.

    So what to do if the kitten bites:

    1. Stop playing with the kitten with the hands and feet. Then the kitten will not associate your hands with prey and will not hunt them. It is best to play with a kitten with a brush stick.
    2. If the kitten bit your hand - do not pull it,so how exactly does a victim do when trying to break free. In order to get rid of the bite, move your hand deep into the mouth. This behavior is unusual and the cat will release the hand.
    3. When you bite, you can just stand still - soon the kitten will become uninteresting and he will let go of the hand. Best of all, without moving the bite hand, distract the kitten with the second hand, concentrating its attention on something more interesting, for example, on a toy.
    4. In order to wean the kitten biting, you can use loud sounds (for example, a tin can with a handful of coins or a whistle). When the kitten begins to bite make a noise at his ear. Instead of a jar or a whistle, you can simply shout out “No!” Or hiss in response.
    5. You can use water instead of a sharp sound - keep a sprinkler on hand and when your pet bites, just sprinkle water on it. This method is suitable for deaf cats.
    6. During the bite, you can just blow the kitten in the face. This does not harm the baby, but it will be unpleasant for him and he will stop biting.
    7. In order to wean the kitten biting, you can use the methods that the mother cat uses - press the playful kitten to the floor and lightly click it on the ears or rub the neck.
    8. The following method works well too - when a kitten bites, carefully, instead of fingers, stick it in the mouth of its own foot.
    9. If the kitten lies on the back, hugs your hand with its front paws, bites and beats with its hind legs, freezes, and with the other hand, take the kitten behind the ears and direct the head so that it will hit its chin with its hind legs. This will quickly bring your pet back to normal.

    When choosing a method for weaning a kitten to bite, you need to remember that it can never be beaten - in this way you only embitter your pet and find contact with it will become much more difficult. Be patient and the result will not take long.

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