• How to visually expand the room

    You will need
    • - light wallpaper,
    • - mirrors;
    • - Built-in furniture or transformer furniture;
    • - sliding doors;
    • - aquarium;
    • - blinds or tulle;
    • - lamp, sconce or floor lamp.
    Dark tones makethe roomvisually less. Therefore, do not use them to decorate the apartment. Wallpaper should be light, without large patterns. You can even choose plain colors.
    Give up the stepped design of the ceiling and stucco. If you want to visually expandthe roommake the ceiling smooth and bright. A great solution - a mirrored ceiling. But it will cost you much more than ordinary whitewash or wallpaper. Yes, and care is needed appropriate.
    Choose built-in furniture. The more free space, the more will seemthe room. Do not put high walls and cabinets. Pick up the low light furniture, preferably monophonic. It should not be large fittings.If possible, buy furniture-transformer. With it, you will save a lot of useful space.
    Furniture should not be high
    Dividethe roominto zones. One place should be for sleep and rest, another - for work, the third - for cooking. They can be separated by sliding glass doors. Also between the zones you can put a large aquarium, it will also visually expand the space.
    Between the zones, install a large aquarium.
    For furnishings pick up items with glossy surfaces. On the opposite wall from the entrance you can hang a large mirror, ideally from the ceiling to the floor. But not every person can afford such an interior solution. Therefore, you can get by with more compact mirrors.
    Make the doorways wider and higher. You can also enlarge the window opening. Discard the eaves and thick dark curtains. Better to hang on the window blinds or light tulle.
    The room should be well lit. Hang small lamps in different parts or hang sconces. In one of the corners, put a floor lamp.
    Lighting should be good

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