• How to use SAMP?

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    How to use SAMP?

    In order to play SAMP (San Andreas), you need to download and install the game. To download the full version of the game, you can go to the official website and do it for free. Also, �San Andreas� can be downloaded on many forums and websites, however, it will be unlicensed versions. It is best to take a version in which there are few add-ons or they are completely absent, since different modes in the game make it slow down. When the game is installed, you can learn how to use SAMP.

    Download and install SAMP

    Many players post on the forums, on social networks and on various sites links on which you can download SAMP. You just need to be careful not to download viruses instead of playing. Now that the download is complete, you need to install the SAMP client. To do this, you need to know how to use SAMP. Open the installation window, you will be prompted to read the agreement, read, click "Next." Select the folder where you will install the game on your computer. Click on the game folder with the mouse button, thus selecting it to further install the client.Now the game will start to install, when the process is complete, click �OK� to confirm and exit.

    Starting SAMP

    To run the program, you can use this method: Start menu - All Programs, select the desired one in the window. You can simply open the folder in which the game is located. Now you need to connect to the server. In the window in the field "Name" enter your nickname or the name under which you will play.

    After starting, you need to select the section "Servers Internet", open it. You will have a list of all available servers for the game, choose the one on which the most people are playing, which is more in demand. Near the address and name should not be the number "0". Zero means that the server is empty. Find the �Add Server� field in the window where you must enter the server for the game. Select the server you need, add it to the field, then in the field with the IP address you need to enter the data of the server that you need. Click "Ok", the connection process is completed. In order to log in to the server, connect to it and play, find the �Connection� or �Connect� section in the window.

    If you log into the server for the first time, you must register. Enter the password, nickname and e-mail, if necessary. That's it, you can play! And how to play, you know yourself!

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