• How to use a diffuser

    In most cases, using a hair dryer, girls do not use half of its capabilities, while the diffuser helps you to create a voluminous and fluffy styling without wasting time. The diffuser is a round and wide nozzle for a hairdryer, which resembles a socket with small holes or a plate with plastic teeth. When you dry your hairdiffuser, the hot air is evenly dissipated, the hair during drying is less injured, the process becomes gentle and preserves the strength and health of your hair.
    In order to make a magnificent styling with a diffuser, apply a small amount of styling foam on the newly washed wet hair, and then distribute the foam along the entire length to the very ends of the hair.
    Hairstyle with a printed styling foam drydiffuser�with hollow plastic teeth, lifting the hair at the roots.
    In addition, you can use a diffuser for drying hair, if you have resorted to a perm - the diffuser will help keep the elastic curls for a long time, and curled hair will look even more voluminous.Depending on whether you want to shave curls, or vice versa, straighten your hair, use a diffuser nozzle with vibrating teeth or a combing effect.
    If you have long hair, get a diffuser with long and smooth teeth, and if the hair is short, you will need a diffuser with short fingers. To strengthen the effect of drying will help foam, gels and mousses for styling with varying degrees of fixation.
    Tilt your head down, apply styling products to your hair and dry your hair.diffuser�- hairstyle will surprise you with its volume. After drying, do not brush your hair so that the volume does not disappear.

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