• How to unlock the pattern?

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    How to unlock the pattern?

    A graphic key is a special way of blocking devices with a touch screen, which is a series of points connected on the display in a specific order. You set this order yourself when protection is activated. However, it may happen that you forget a key or, for example, a gadget lock will accidentally turn on a child or another person. The main thing in this situation is not to panic and take advantage of the tips given in this article.

    How to unlock the pattern on the android

    You can unlock it in several ways, they are suitable for most phones and tablets based on the Android system.

    Method 1. Using Google - account

    This method is suitable if you are registered with Google. The system of your smartphone or tablet remembers your account in the event that you entered it when you first set up the device. To go to your page, follow these steps:

    1. Enter any sequence of connecting the pattern points several times until the device prompts you to go to your online account.
    2. Write your username and password to Google. If you do not remember this data,graphic keyrequest their recovery on google portal.
    3. After that, the phone / tablet will offer to activate the device administrator.
    4. Click "Activate" and the phone will be unlocked, and the password will be reset.

    Method 2. Call

    There is such a feature in some gadgets: the call can be accepted without entering the key, and during the conversation you can calmly use other functions. That's what you needgraphic keydo:

    1. Call yourself from another phone (for tablets with the ability to use a SIM card, this option is also suitable).
    2. Take the call.
    3. During a conversation, go to “Settings”, open the “Device lock” tab.
    4. Select the “Graphic key” command and deactivate it.

    This is a very effective way, but you should not use it, trying to open access to someone else's phone. This article is for informational purposes only and is not a guide to action!

    Method 3: Manage files with Aroma Filemanager

    This method can be used if the following conditions were met before the blocking:

    • USB debugging is connected;
    • CWM is installed (or another Recovery menu).

    In this case, do the following:graphic key

    1. Activate the USB connection. To do this, call the number 112, at this time all available connections are activated, then enter the desired username and password.
    2. Download Aroma Filemanager.
    3. Install it in the Recovery menu in the CDSCard3 directory.
    4. Reboot the device in Recovery mode.
    5. If you have CWM installed: click “Mount Partitions” (including SD-EXT), and then launch Aroma Filemanager. If you have a standard Recovery, go to Aroma Filemanager, follow the path "Menu" ⇒ "Settings" ⇒ "Mount ALL Partitions". After that, restart Aroma Filemanager.
    6. Go to the “Data” folder, then to the “System” folder.
    7. Now delete the gestey.key folder and exit the Aroma Filemanager.
    8. Reboot the device. The key will not be requested.

    Method 4. Contact specialists

    Although this is not a way, but a recommendation. If you have tried all of these methods and you have failed, there are only two options: contact any service center where a specialist will try to remove the lock on a paid basis or reset the settings, which entails the loss of all data stored on your gadget. including contacts and photos / videos.

    The next section contains information on how to unlock the key on the models of devices of the most well-known manufacturers, if this does not help, below are ways to restore the factory settings.

    Unlock your pattern on some brands

    All the methods presented in this section allow you to unlock phones and tablets using the manufacturer’s online services.

    Unlock the pattern on the Samsung

    This method can be applied only if you are registered in the Samsung account system, which was previously entered into the locked device and is in its memory.

    1. Go to the site Samsung account.
    2. Select the Content and Services tab, a new page will open.
    3. Select the "Unlock Screen" command on it.

    Unlock your pattern on Huawei

    1. Download and install Hisuite software.
    2. Connect your phone or tablet to your computer.
    3. Open the installed program and select the Contacts tab in its window. The My Email window will open.
    4. Delete the password using your e-mail to log in.

    Unlock your pattern on HTC

    1. Install HTC Sync on your computer.
    2. Connect your smartphone to your computer.
    3. Install the Screen Lock Bypass application on the locked device.
    4. Reboot your phone.

    Restore factory settings (Hard Reset)

    This method is suitable if there are no valuable programs and data on the device, since after the settings have been restored, they will disappear, and also if no other option has helped. The method is rather harsh, but it will definitely get rid of the pattern key. The process of deleting personal settings depends on the particular gadget; Below is information about restoring settings for some models of devices.

    Factory Restore Samsung

    For earlier versions of Samsung:

    • you must turn off the device;
    • Hold down the center button and the on / off button.

    For new phone versions:

    • turn off the smartphone;
    • Press the three keys: the center key, the Volume Up key and the On / Off button.

    Restore Huawei factory settings

    You can delete Huawei device personal settings as follows:

    1. Turn off the device.
    2. Remove the battery and replace it.
    3. Press and hold the Up and On / Off buttons. Wait until the android sign appears on the display, then release the keys.Hard reset
    4. Use the volume keys to highlight Wipe data / factory reset and press the power button.
    5. Reboot the device.

    New models of Huawei with an incorrect key entry offer bootloader unlocking. By selecting it, the smartphone will be able to unlock, but absolutely all personal data will be lost.

    Restoring HTC factory settings

    You can restore the settings of HTC devices in the following way:

    1. Turn off the device.
    2. Remove the battery and replace it.
    3. Press and hold the Down and On / Off buttons. Wait until the android sign appears on the display, then release the keys.
    4. Click on the phrase Clear Storage or Factory Reset (what you find depends on the model).

    Restoring Sony factory settings

    Restore factory settings for Sony devices as follows:

    1. Download the Sony EricsonPC Suite software.
    2. Connect your Sony device to your computer. Launch the Sony EricsonPC Suite program and follow the path "Tools" ⇒ "Data Recovery".
    3. Follow the directions suggested by the program.
    4. Turn off the device and turn it on again.

    Restore ZTE factory settings

    For devices of this brand there are two ways to reset the data.

    First option

    1. Select "Emergency Call."
    2. Dial the combination of numbers 983 * 987 #.
    3. Select "Reset Data".

    Second option

    1. Turn off the machine.
    2. Hold down the two keys: increase the volume and on / off.
    3. You will be taken to the Recovery menu.
    4. In this menu, select the command Wipe data, then Factory reset.

    Restore factory settings Asus

    You can delete personal settings like this:

    1. Turn off the machine.
    2. Press the volume down and "On / Off" buttons and hold them until a menu of 2 items appears.
    3. Using the volume buttons, select WIPE DATA.
    4. Confirm your choice by pressing the Volume Up keys.

    Restoring LG factory settings

    You can restore the settings of LG devices as follows:

    1. Turn off the machine.
    2. Hold down the On / Off, Volume Down and Menu buttons.
    3. Wait until the phone starts to vibrate. After that, the image of the android will appear on the display and the process of resetting the settings to the factory settings will begin.

    Restore factory settings Fly, MTS and Prestigio

    1. Unplug the phone / tablet.
    2. Press and hold the volume down, on / off keys and the power button of the camera (if there is no camera, only the first two buttons).
    3. In the menu that appears, select Wipe data / factory reset.
    4. Then select Yes, delete all user data.
    5. The lock will be released, all data is deleted.

    Having finally gotten access to your phone, take a few minutes to install protection against accidental blocking.

    Prevent Accidental Blocking

    In order to protect yourself from accidental blocking in the future, get Root-rights. After that, download the SMS Bypass application, allowing it to use Root rights. Now, if suddenly your device is blocked, send an SMS to it with the text “1234 reset” from any mobile phone. Upon receiving this message, the android system will be unlocked.

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