• How to tune a guitar?

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    How to tune a guitar?

    You can tune the sound of the guitar in several ways: by ear, using a hardware tuner or special computer programs that are available on the Internet. The article describes in detail all of the listed methods.

    If you are just starting to learn to play the guitar and do not know what its parts are called, it may be useful for you to read our article What is a guitar before you start tuning.

    How to tune your guitar manually

    Standard guitar strings sound like this

    • the first (the thinnest) is the note;
    • the second is note si;
    • the third is the note of salt;
    • the fourth is a re note;
    • the fifth is the la note;
    • sixth - mi.

    These are the notes that are played by unforced strings. Adjusting the guitar by ear, you will need to clamp each string on the fifth fret, while the numbering of the frets starts from the head of the neck where the shear bolts for tensioning the strings are located.

    So proceed to the setup.

    1. Clamped on the fifth fret, the first string makes a note la. It is tuned using a tuning fork or other properly sounding instrument.If you have nothing suitable, the fixed telephone will help. Pick up the phone, the sound of a dial tone is emitted with a frequency of approximately 415 hertz, the same frequency of sound at the first string, clamped on the fourth fret.
    2. Pull up or loosen the string so that it sounds exactly like a horn. If done correctly, the two sounds will merge (will sound in unison). If this does not happen, try to hold the string in the next frets. If the sound on the standard merges with the sound of the string on the sixth fret, pull it up a little more, if on the fourth one, loosen it slightly. Get unison while holding the fifth fret. This setting is approximate, but in principle allows you to remember how the first string should sound.
    3. The second string is tuned with respect to the first: squeezed on the fifth fret, it should sound in unison with the open (non-pressed) first string. Tighten or loosen it until you hear the consonance.
    4. The third string is tuned as follows: clamped on the fourth fret, it sounds in unison with the open second.
    5. The rest of the strings are tuned with respect to the previous ones, like the second string on the fifth fret.

    Gradually, you will learn how to tune the instrument in a few minutes.Once again you can get acquainted with the technology of tuning the guitar by ear in our article How to tune the guitar manually.

    How to tune your guitar using a hardware tuner

    The hardware tuner is a special device that determines the frequency of the sound and gives the name of the note to which it corresponds. This device will tell you how much the sound deviates from the frequency you need.

    Setup is much easier.

    1. Turn on the unit and play open first string.
    2. Look at the measurement results of the device.
    3. Stretch or loosen the string until the sound matches the note.
    4. Repeat the procedure for all other strings.

    Of course, this option is much simpler, but requires special equipment.

    How to tune a guitar using a computer

    Tuning using computer programs can be of two types: the first acts approximately like manual tuning, the second acts like a hardware tuner.

    First option

    1. Download a special program to play the correct sound of the guitar, for example,.
    2. Turn it on. From the speakers you will hear the sound of the first string of the guitar.Stretch the string until the sound made by the computer sounds in unison with the open string.
    3. Turn on the sound of the second string and repeat the procedure.

    So gradually adjust the sound of the guitar. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to connect the instrument to a computer or use a microphone for an acoustic guitar.

    Second option

    There are programs for online settings.

    1. Connect the instrument to a PC or move the microphone closer.
    2. Pull the first string, the note you played is displayed on the screen.
    3. Adjust the sound until you see the note.

    And so on for all the other strings.

    After all actions are completed, store the guitar in a horizontal position with the strings up, carry it in a special case, then it will rarely need re-tuning.

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