• It makes no sense to describe the causes of the disease, since they are standard for viral diseases: decreased immunity, catarrhal diseases, allergic reactions, and hypothermia.

    How to treat sinusitis folk remedies

    The most traditional and effective way is washing the infusions of herbs. Washing allows you to remove pus and mucus from the maxillary sinuses.

    Ointments, drops, turunds and applications

    • Cyclamen. The juice of the plant allows you to clear the sinuses from purulent secretions, and at the same time reducing headache. After instillation of 2 drops in the sinuses, the patient will start coughing, fever, and increased perspiration. Yellow-green mucus will also be released.
    • Sea buckthorn oil. 2 drops 3 times a day soothe the mucous membrane.
    • Garlic. Pounded garlic wrapped in cheesecloth, put in the nostrils. The patient will begin to sneeze, and the mucus will be released.
    • Hypericum Make an infusion of 2 tablespoons of herbs (pour boiling water). Soak the cotton wool with the resulting suspension and inject into the nasal cavity 3 times a day.Therapeutic effect: St. John's wort allows you to destroy germs and restore damaged tissue.


    • Potatoes in uniform. Hot vapors dishes will cure not only sinusitis, but also cough with a cold.
    • Vinegar. Preheat in a frying pan and inhale the vapors. Caution, there is a risk of burns.
    • Horseradish. Horseradish root rub, inhale with the nose and at each meal add as spices.

    Important! Folk methods are effective, but in the event that the disease is in its initial stage. A dangerous point may be insufficient treatment with a serious development of the disease - an acute form of sinusitis becomes chronic. And it can provoke such dangerous diseases as meningitis and otitis media.

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