• How to treat people?

    Relationships between people have always had difficulties. However, based on them, there are positive and negative situations in our life. In this case, the words are always relevant and wise: "Treat people as you would like them to treat you." This is one of the most important rules, as people most often reciprocate each other. Although often, people commit far from good deeds towards us in response to our kindness. So, let's take a closer look at the question of how to treat people so that through their actions our lives become better.

    Fundamental rules

    Often we hear such words: “Treat people the way you want them to treat you.” And there are many adherents of just such an attitude. But what happens next? Everyone spoils one another’s life and cannot trust anyone. And, as you know, without trust, not only relationships, neither friendly nor love, can not resist for a long time. Therefore, we note the basic rules:

    • Do not think too much about the people around you.As in this case, a person eventually finds a lot of flaws and builds suspicions. So often they are not justified, and the slightest mistake will lead to the destruction of relationships. But if you do not spend time on special thoughts and hopes, you will not be disappointed in people. It is best to just try to understand the act of man.
    • Do not disclose your soul to everyone. There should be a ban. Since there are many people who have far from good intentions regarding you. And similar information is used against you. But you can always reveal yourself to loved ones and relatives who have already been tested by time.
    • Do not lie to people around you. Lies usually come out and do not lead to anything good. Upon learning that you once lied, you will no longer trust. It’s better not to say anything, but not to lie.
    • Do not impose on people. Regardless of whether a person is interested in you or not, never impose your presence and opinion on him. Otherwise, the person will start to avoid you, which will put both in an awkward position. It is better to simply show your interest in communicating with this person.
    • Do not flatter people.Do not say a lot of compliments to people around. Since they will either consider that you are unworthy of their attention, or they will think that you have conceived something about them. But do not forget the simple words of gratitude.
    • Do not use people. Speaking about how to treat people, it is worth noting that just as you once used a person, the other uses you. Believe me, this is not only unpleasant, but also causes great heartache. If a person is indifferent to you, then let him understand this, then he will not be disappointed in anything.

    Relationship with people of different ages

    It is not surprising that many people do not know at all how to behave with people of different ages, because we are not taught this anywhere. But here, there are also certain rules regarding how to treat a person. So, we list the main ones:

    • Children. Whatever attitude you have towards children, they do not deserve a bad attitude. Children are very sensitive, and they should be treated with kindness, and in no case should they lie to them that they will immediately understand. Here the words of one of the writers are relevant: “When they asked me if I should spoil the children? I said, of course, because it is still unknown what life was prepared for them. ” So respect and pamper the children.
    • Teenagers.Here you need to show great respect, because at that age people are very sensitive and take everything to heart. In addition, they are fighters for justice, so that they can not lie and cheat.
    • Aged people. Today, the most problematic question is how to treat older people? Here, however, it is very difficult to behave restrained. After all, people aged have grown up on other rules, norms of behavior and foundations. They find it difficult to understand us, but we may well show understanding to them. To do this, just pay attention to them and show respect, they do not dream of anything more.

    People of another nationality

    Here it is necessary to be extremely cautious and restrained. Since interethnic strife can lead to the most unforeseen consequences. It is necessary to follow the rules of etiquette and respect the peculiarities of people of other nationalities. Here are a few basic rules:

    • Be neutral
    • Do not lie
    • Do not use
    • Show your joy of meeting and chatting.
    • Show respect

    It is very important to follow these rules, since all nationalities have their own behavior and different concepts about norms.The fact that it is in the order of things for us and even good, for them may be a manifestation of a bad tone and vice versa. Therefore, be extremely careful in dealing with them, in any case, do not try to offend, but remain neutral.

    Now you know how to behave with different people in different periods of life. All the listed rules will help you to avoid not only absurd situations, but also numerous problems in your life and these people will always come to your aid. It is worth remembering that it is important to be kind and understanding, then everyone around will answer the same and there will be no quarrels and negatives. We wish you good luck.

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