• How to treat neuralgia?

    Neuralgia occurs when a nerve or nerve process is squeezed or irritated. Most common intercostal neuralgia, neuralgia of the trigeminal and sciatic nerves. Only a doctor can diagnose a disease by identifying a symptom, as well as using computer and magnetic diagnostics methods. And how to treat neuralgia? We will talk about this now.

    Neuralgia is hardly a young disease. It was described in detail by the doctors of ancient Greece. In addition, they described the methods of treatment of neuralgia. So, in Greece this ailment was treated with the help of various intoxicants. In Russia, saved only conspiracies. And in Assyria they used squeezing of the vessels on the neck. Today, the methods have changed quite a bit. But more about them.

    How to treat intercostal neuralgia

    Intercostal neuralgia appears most often in the form of periodic bouts of pain. Most often, it is accompanied by burning, tingling, and numbness of the thoracic or back. This disease is rather unpleasant, so it is important to know how to treat this type of neuralgia.

    The treatment of any neuralgia consists, first of all, in the elimination of unpleasant sensations, as well as the treatment of the nerves themselves, which provoke pain. In this case, it is the intercostal nerves.

    In the initial stage of the disease, physiotherapy is effective, which the doctor prescribes. If you treat intercostal neuralgia, warm compresses 2 times a day are good. In addition, it is important to use vitamins in order to help the body cope with the disease. In this case, it is important to use vitamin B. Acupuncture is also an effective way to treat intercostal neuralgia, but it is important to understand that a qualified specialist should conduct this procedure.

    When the disease is not very strong, it is also important to stay in bed during rest periods or to be at rest. It is desirable to lie on a hard and flat surface.

    In addition, avoid any sudden movements, this is what can cause exacerbation of the disease. With strong pain, the doctor may prescribe injections of novocaine (blockade).

    An effective method of treatment of intercostal neuralgia is a massage with the use of painkillers or anti-inflammatory ointments. They will help muscles to relax and improve blood flow.

    How to treat neuralgia folk methods

    Traditional treatments can also help in the treatment of intercostal neuralgia. So, a decoction of peppermint is quite useful for pain relief. To make it, brew mint leaves in hot water, then let it brew. Take the broth should be 1 tablespoon twice a day.

    You can use valerian tincture. To do this, soak a napkin in a valerian tincture, then put it in the place where the pain is most acute.

    How to treat trigeminal neuralgia

    Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve is characterized by severe and throbbing pain in the area of the nose, lips, and jaws. It is in these places that the trigeminal nerve is responsible for innervation. In addition, there may be a rather severe headache.

    In trigeminal neuralgia, the doctor almost always prescribes medication with drugs such as difenin, carbamazepine or baclofen. They eliminate pain, if the disease is quite acute.

    In some particularly severe cases, the disease may prescribe a surgical treatment. But, to avoid this, in the early stages it is possible to limit oneself to the treatment of neuralgia at home. And how to treat neuralgia folk methods?

    • Popular methods of treatment are used most often, for example, tincture of birch buds. To prepare it, pour birch buds with vodka or alcohol. One fistful of kidneys accounts for 500 ml of vodka. The resulting tincture is recommended to rub 2 times a day to do compresses.
    • Geranium leaf packs are also a fairly effective way to treat neuralgia. Compress is recommended in case of pain.
    • Baths with oak or fir bark - another way to treat neuralgia at home. You can also use sage or nettle.

    In that case, if the pain is not felt weak, then you can massage the face with anesthetic ointments. If our advice did not help you, then only a doctor can tell you how to treat neuralgia in your particular case. Be healthy!

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