• How to transplant the crew?

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    How to transplant the crew?

    The game World of Tanks is gaining momentum in popularity. Players take part in combat battles, move in different tanks, develop skills, buy new equipment and transfer their vehicles from tank to tank. Nevertheless, there are some nuances in the issue of team transfer due to the specifications, limitations and specializations of the tank crews. In this article we will explain how to transplant the crew as efficiently as possible, without losing the extra resources and experience. If you only learn the basics of this online game, then you will also be interested in the article How to play World of Tanks, which contains practical tips for novice players.

    The targets of the crew’s transplant

    In principle, they do this in two different situations:

    1. Players with premium tanks want to use them to train their crew;
    2. The gamer pumps his new tank, then to transplant the units from the old and less powerful weapon to the new equipment.

    Do not forget that there are certain restrictions under which you cannot transfer the crew to another tank or lose experience due to this. So, the crew from the tanks of one nation can not be transplanted to the tanks of another nation.It is also not possible to retrain a specialist from one area to another specialization. However, the WoT developers are currently working on this and the situation may change.

    Tank Transmission Steps

    So, you have acquired a new technique and now you want to transplant the crew into the world of tanks. What is required for this:

    1. Planted from the old tank units by pressing the "Drop" button on your equipment. If you want to disembark a certain member of the crew, click on it with the left button and land in the barracks. If you want to sell your tank, all crew members need to be transferred to the barracks;
    2. To add a unit to a new tank, click on the tank driver available in your list in the specialization window. In the absence of the necessary crew member, it will be necessary to start recruiting a new tanker;
    3. Now the main task is retraining. The “Re-train” button will be available if at least one tanker has no specialization to control a new tank;
    4. It is better to retrain the tankers alternately and separately, otherwise the experience may not be distributed the way you want it and certain units will get the wrong level of pumping.Click on their "Personal Business" and go to the "Training" menu. Then go to the "Current Tank" and choose the level - 50, 75 or 100%. Now click on the "Educate" button.

    Consider that a crew without a loss of experience can be transplanted only in the case when the transfer is carried out on a premium tank. It is perceived as a tank of a similar level with the same technique, which is why experience is not lost. In other cases, will have to retrain.

    Small tricks of learning

    After receiving the 6th level, the crew will have skills and abilities. Experience gained in battles is used for retraining, gaining 100% skills without gold.

    For this:

    1. Go to Personal Business, reset skills using silver (this will help you lose less experience);
    2. Go to the Training menu and retrain units for silver. If there is a lot of experience, then your tanker will receive a high specialization of 100% without the cost of gold.

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