• How to translate the keyboard into English?

    Lyubov Polishchuk
    Lyubov Polishchuk
    January 31, 2013
    How to translate the keyboard into English?

    Very often when typing, entering username, password and other data, the user needs to change the language layout. This simple and inherently ordinary process takes you quite a bit of time if you know how to do it. Today, there are three ways to translate a keyboard into English or any other. Punto Switcher can be useful for changing the language bar.

    Ways to change the language bar

    • Change the layout through automatic switching. The computer is not yet able to change the language of the text entered by itself, and it needs help in this. To change the language bar is very convenient to use a special program Punto Switcher. After installation on a computer, it is able to automatically determine the word entered by the user and set the layout necessary for it. In cases of an erroneous change by the program language, you can cancel this action yourself by pressing one key,which the user specified in advance in the program settings. The Punto Switcher app can be downloaded from the Internet. This program is distributed free of charge.
    • The keyboard can be translated into English using the combined keystrokes. To change the language of the entered text, you must simultaneously press the Shift + Alt keys, or Shift + Ctrl. And you need to try first to press the "Shift" button, otherwise the primary pressing of the "Alt" key will activate the control panel of the open window. This can knock a user off of a given work rhythm and make work difficult.
    • You can change the keyboard layout through the language interface. You can enter it through the control panel, which contains information about what language is currently set on the keyboard. The left mouse button you need to click on the interface and put a tick in front of the English language. By clicking the right mouse button on the shortcut, it will be possible to make more detailed settings.

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