• How to transfer money through an ATM?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    April 23, 2013
    How to transfer money through an ATM?

    Working with an ATM is very simple, if only because with careful reading of the recommendations that come up on its monitor, it is simply impossible to get confused! You can make any payments to various organizations. In addition, you can very quickly and conveniently transfer money to another cardholder or any legal person to your account. For this you need to learn how to transfer money through an ATM.

    Transfer from card to card

    In order to make a transfer from card to card, you need to insert your card into the ATM, enter the PIN code. Then a menu will appear in which you will be asked to select the type of operation, you need to click the "Money Transfer" button. After that, another menu will appear in which you select “To another card”. Then you will have to enter the amount you are going to transfer and the number of the card to which you want to credit this payment. After all this, following the instructions on the monitor, you will need to confirm the payment by checking the addressee’s card number.After that, be sure to take the check, it may be required in many cases.

    Other types of translation

    If you want to transfer money from your card to the beneficiary’s account, that is, make a cashless payment, you must do everything the same way as when transferring from card to card only by selecting “Money Transfer”, then select “Transfer to account”. Instead of the 16-digit card number, you will need to enter the 20-digit personal account number of the payee. You can transfer money through the Sberbank ATM without even having anything on the card. You just need to select "Cash transfer" in the "Money transfer" section. After that, you will need to enter the card number or account of the recipient, and insert the money into the bill acceptor.

    Translation features

    It is necessary to understand, studying how to transfer money from an ATM, that every transaction costs money, and banking as well. Therefore, with each transfer the bank will keep 1% as a commission. If you used the services of the operator to transfer money, you would have parted with 1.5% of the amount. In addition, do not hope that your recipient in the next minute will see the money at home. Sberbank guarantees the receipt of money in the period from 30 minutes to 6 days.Faster can happen, but longer - no. If after 6 days the money has not reached the recipient, then along with the check and the recipient’s account or card number, go to the office of the savings bank, where you must accept the claim from you and find out what happened.

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