• How to tie a blouse?

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    How to tie a blouse?

    Knitwear does not go out of fashion. One of the most popular elements of clothing are sweaters, jackets, blouses, knitted and crocheted. Moreover, both adults and children's models are popular.

    How to tie a blouse for a woman: models

    There are many models of women's blouses: warm and summer, with sleeves and without, "solid" and on buckles. In addition, they can be crocheted or knitted.

    Most often, the openwork blouse is crocheted, while the sweaters are knitted with needles. In one way or another, the products are made, starting from the bottom up, or from the neck - from top to bottom. Such a knitting is called "raglan".

    More information about how to knit raglan, you will find in our article - How to tie a raglan sweater. But usually blouses knit on the pattern, after which the elements of the product are sewn together.Blouse

    To tie a summer blouse, like a warm one (for winter), first of all you need to decide on the style of the future product. It is best to have a pattern on hand, although experienced knitters can do without it.It will be useful to read our article - How to knit a sweater with knitting needles - it contains a detailed description of knitting together with patterns.

    Children's knitted blouse

    You can tie a child's blouse, as well as “adult” models, in a variety of patterns. What basic data is needed for this? Of course, the dimensions: measurements of the child can be taken independently and find out the necessary length, width and other indicators. How to knit a blouse for a newborn: the seamless method of knitting is the most suitable, and it is better to do with smooth patterns without using braids and other intricate patterns.

    Usually needlewomen love to knit crochet for children - a detailed crochet pattern for a blouse can be found in our article - How to tie a crochet jacket.

    Scheme knitting baby blouses

    How to knit a baby blouse with knitting needles, raglan method (62-68 cm tall):

    • Gather 130 loops and knit 11 rows of purl;
    • 12th row - to knit all loops with purses, except the most extreme five (from two sides);
    • Knit with both edges on 5 loops purl, and between them knitBlouseany pattern (can be a simple stocking stitch). The pattern should be performed along the entire length of the product (60-80 rows, depending on the desired length, up to the armhole);
    • Reaching the armhole, tie the first and last 5 loops with facial loops, and between them with purl loops;
    • The next row is to knit 33 facial, 2 loops of the “marker”, 65 loops with the front viscous, 2 loops of the “marker” and again 33 facial loops;
    • The next row - the first and last 5 loops of the face, and the rest between them - purl;
    • To knit 2 facial, 3 loops “markers”, 2 facial with a slope, 2 facial, 2 facial together, all the rest - with simple facial loops. According to this scheme is the reduction of the loops for raglan, knit seven rows;
    • To knit the last 8 rows twice, to leave the knit from the wrong side, to close the loops.

    After the main part of the product is ready, you need to tie the sleeves to it (you can knit on circular needles separately or start knitting from the top on the regular ones). Tie neck, shelves and bottom. According to this scheme, you can knit a blouse for both a boy and a girl.

    To tie a blouse for a girl, as well as for an adult woman, you can use much more “intricate” patterns and patterns, you can develop them yourself or look in magazines for knitters.

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