• How to throw your complexes

    If you decide to fight with their complexes, determine whether they really exist. For this you need to listen to the opinions of strangers about yourself. Especially when it comes to looks. And doubts about their own attractiveness often arise in women. To increase self-esteem, visit a training dedicated to this issue. On it you will hear reviews about the appearance of strangers. Most likely, they will be positive.
    If there are some flaws, you need to work on them. Excess weight is easy to remove, if you adhere to proper nutrition and do exercises at least every other day. Not ideal skin is corrected by a beautician and with the help of drugs prescribed by a doctor. Not very even teeth after six months wearing braces are perfect, etc. The main thing is to decide for yourself that you really want to get rid of the shortcomings and are ready to fight them.
    Ifcomplexesnot related to appearance, determine their cause.If you are afraid to express your opinion, perhaps your parents were too authoritarian and did not give you any freedom. But it was in childhood. Now you are an adult independent person who has the right to vote. And even if sometimes you say things that others do not like - this is your point of view. The rest can agree with her or not, but are obliged to listen. So feel free to enter into any conversation and express your thoughts.
    Very often, people who have recently emerged from adolescence, complex when meeting with the opposite sex. This will help virtual communication. When you do not see the other person, it is much easier to talk to him. And when you know each other enough, make an appointment in real life. And most importantly - do not worry. You know this person for a long time, albeit virtually. In addition, if the image from the Internet does not correspond to reality, you can immediately leave under a specious pretext. But it is better to still talk with the one who came. Consider this a training session before meeting with your real second half.

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