• How to tear jeans?

    Mikhail Proskalov
    Mikhail Proskalov
    July 16, 2012
    How to tear jeans?

    Often we want to stand out, right? Now what is the easiest way to do this? Go shopping? Well, no, everyone goes shopping, it's not cool at all. What? Buy clothes online or order abroad? Well, well, super ... And if it does not work, m? Let's not go beyond the limits of fiction or to think very monotonously. I suggest you create your own detail of your wardrobe, namely jeans!

    But how? How to make jeans to be beautiful? Maybe hang them with some badges or chains? Or maybe sew some pattern to them? Well, I do not! Today we will do some cool creativity and we will tear jeans! So that your grandmother does not have the desire to sew them up, I will tell you how to properly tear jeans!

    Whether you are informal or just want to dilute your appearance with a tidiness of negligence or negligence, you should definitely try to tear your jeans!

    Tips on how to break jeans

    Torn jeans are very simple.The easiest way to do this is on the already-ironed jeans, since the fabric will be even.

    We will need everything - nothing. In general, if you wish, you can even break jeans about the fence beautifully, the main thing with the soul! But, at home, there is no desire to beat the fences at all, so take a blade (Stationery knife, kitchen knife, chainsaw ... The main thing is for you to work with this tool), skin, also prepare pumice, but if not at hand, it is also possible to use a pelt wound on a bar of something. Also prepare a piece of soap.

    And now, having pre-smoothed the jeans, stuff a cardboard in them. Otherwise, you will have through holes, and everyone will admire your feet.

    The next step will be drawing a picture. Draw lines with soap. They will turn into holes.

    Now we cut our blade (I hope the chainsaw didn’t fit you) along these very lines. No need to sulk and make a flat cut, we need to be rude! Even if you have a weakly cut band, it will not hurt you, and it can even embellish.

    Now, after cutting the jeans with the blade, we tear them apart with the pelt. This is where you put all the rage right on your pants! We do everything roughly, from this the level of "untidiness" will only increase. It is also possible only to give traces of untidiness to the trousers with the pelt.For example, skip some pockets. They will be a little rubbed look, but look rubbed, in our case, it means to look cool!

    After processing the sandpaper should appear holes. Now break them even more with pumice! It is difficult to say how to properly break jeans, because you don’t need to tear them properly, you need to tear them so that it looks good, first of all, in your eyes.

    In principle, you already know how to break jeans, and if you are asked how beautiful it is to break jeans, you can give an answer!

    Look good and see you soon!

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