• How to teach to dance?

    Alexey Ganzenko
    Alexey Ganzenko
    February 19, 2013
    How to teach to dance?

    If, hearing the music, the child nodded and jumped, it means that harmonious sounds create a cheerful mood for him, and this should be used. We should not forget, dance is an extremely useful exercise for the developing organism. It remains to figure out how to teach a child to dance?


    We turn on cheerful rhythmic music, take the baby by the handles and merrily jump with him to the music. Then let go of one hand - let the baby get comfortable and gradually learn to bounce on their own. The result is an unforgettable dance of the little sparrows. Adding waving arms with bent arms - the child is happy to copy new movements. And it does not matter if his hits to the beat will desire the best, the main thing is the charge of cheerfulness and the positive emotions of the little dancer.

    We fly

    We put smooth instrumental music, spread our hands to the sides and ... run-run in a circle or throughout the apartment, we are ahead, and our student, of course, follows. Circling on the spot, we run into the kitchen.Running well trains and warms up the body of the dancer, turns develops a sense of the surrounding space, teach coordination. Handles and legs - major motor skills - develop the skills of coordinated movements in accordance with a given program. There are elements of this dance.

    Round dance

    Most children dance round easily and not without pleasure - they like to spin in the company of their peers. The round dance is useful for visualization of movements, arising from the first turn of emotionality and simplicity. Thus, the dance helps the child to have fun and relaxed. Moving in the general circle, the baby gets rid of timidity and shyness, develops motor memory, large motor skills, attention and emotionality. The young dancer learns the basics of collective interaction under general rules. The goal of the dance game is the ability to perform movements on a common team. The method is joint stamping with the legs and clapping with the palms, repeating the mother's movements.

    Let's try to develop further

    Create a mood for yourself and your baby. We stand opposite each other. Tuning and warming up, we dance on the spot. Figure dance is thought out in advance.It should contain prints and claps, diluted by jumping on the spot or circling. We demonstrate a simple composition to the child and offer to repeat it together. We encourage and support our student, in the end we certainly praise.

    When deciding how to teach an older child to dance, you can dwell on the addiction of adolescents to all kinds of electronics. By offering him a video, teach your schoolchild to dance, impressed by the recordings of performances by the best dance masters.

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